Life was much better and stress-free before facebook came along. amirite?

It's not causing me any stress but it certainly does have an effect on that's a considerable impact from something like a social-networking site.

spongebob actually has rectangular pants... amirite?

We never speak of the pants

It must be really awkward when J.K. Rowling and Stephenie Meyer meet at like a book convention, amirite?

i bet they have coffee and chat about their profits lol

Its hard for some people to remember life before social networking sites, amirite?

it was stress free

It sucks when you don't have any friends in a class and there's a partner activity, amirite?

Just ask someone who seems nice if you can join them, not everyone is mean you know. If someone asked me I would say no problem :)

It's annoying when you go to a friend's house and you're starving, so you hint that you want food, but they fail to get the point and don't give you anything, amirite?

It depends on how they are raised? I would never eat something without having my friend have something as well. I always offer something to eat and my friends usually offer something as well when I'm over. It's how you should treat visitors in your home.

You'd eat your friends if you were trapped together and it was the only chance for survival, amirite?

I think it's time for you to go to sleep and stop coming up with coocoo much coffee maybe.

You were upset to know that Will Turner and Elizabeth won't be in Pirates of the Caribbean 4, amirite?

it actually made the movie better without them!!

If you won a lottery Jackpot the first thing you would do is quit your job. Amirite?
If you won a lottery Jackpot the first thing you would do is quit your job. Amirite?
If you won a lottery Jackpot the first thing you would do is quit your job. Amirite?
@Dameequa First I'd pay off all of my debts, bills, etc. Then split if 50/50 with a charity.

wow you are very generous! :) I would probably share with my family and help them pay of their debts too. I can only wish! My relatives in US won a lottery (not the jackpot but a nice amount).

People who say they don't like the Beatles just want attention, amirite?

Did you ever give a thought about different people having different preferences in music.

Why is it that when women are fat, they're considered strong and beautiful, and when men are fat, they're fat. amirite?

Ahahaha beautiful!! no way!

Why are people trying to force others to accept that "fat is beautiful", it's not! I'm being honest. It doesn't look pleasant. I also hate it how people say that beautiful people on tv are fake, there are people in the world who are born beautiful and you will just have to deal with your jealousy issues. It's sad that size ten is considered to be average, no wonder so many people suffer from diabetes and heart diseases.

Chemistry is your definition of hell on earth, amirite?

Not unless you are a nerd like me who majors in Biochemistry (even more fun) :P