You have an xbox 360 and/or a Playstation 3, amirite?

I'm not that fortunate to afford one. :(

A large portion of doing something well comes from simply having confidence in your ability. Amirite?

Thank you :)

When you really love someone, you don't really notice any of their flaws, amirite?

noticed it but ignored.

Many teens and young adults feel very misunderstood by their parents, amirite? Personally, why do you think that is? I would love to hear your opinions/stories.
When you're sick, you think of all the great, wonderful, healthy things you're gonna do when you get better, amirite?

I think of my Mom >.<

I was named after a brand for beauty products. People thought I'm that beautiful but I'm not. haha

It's annoying when you spend so much time finding something in your room or your bag and you can't find it. But if you stopped looking for it, it's there! Very visible!

haha i just pretend that an "invisible friend" is just joking on

If you can't keep a promise then you should never make one.
@shelbme Yay! So, say you're in the middle of some sort of weird fantasy battle, and it's turning into a total bloodbath...

Well that's a sad story you got there. Well Dave asked me for a favor and I could not break his heart more by rejecting his dying request.

Always be yourself, unless you're that guy. Don't be that guy.
Not saying what you know = Telling a lie.

But in an investigation, it's still considered lying, right?

Not saying what you know = Telling a lie.

I was wondering how would I supposed to bring out this topic to know your point of views and I decided to post this one. I guess it works. :D

Sometimes you hide under your bed pretending to be a potato, amirite?
If you could, you would totally join a zombie themed marathon race where people dressed as zombies chased you almost the whole time, amirite?

Yeah, I did! We had a zombie themed fun run last Halloween. :)