32 degrees outside in Minnesota “Boy its warm out today.” 32 degrees outside in Texas “DEAR LORD WE ARE GOING TO DIE!!!!!”, amirite?

That's because 32 degrees, compared to the usual 75~98 degrees we get here, is freaking insane.

There doesn't seem to be a moral to the book "The Very Hungry Caterpillar," amirite?
Nicki Minaj had pink hair, Katy Perry had blue hair, Rihanna had red hair, and Lady Gaga had green hair... The fucking power rangers are back, amirite?

Avril Lavigne had all those hair colors (not completely covering her hair, but still.)

It could get awkward real fast if being attracted to someone was literal and an invisible force field pulled you close to them, amirite?

This made me think of magnets.

Candy corn only tastes good around halloween, amirite?

Now I want some candy corn...

It would really suck for Ariel if she and Eric split up. She couldn't really go back to her family, amirite?

Somebody has yet to watch 'The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea."

Murderers deserve to die exactly as their victims did, amirite?

What if you killed people slowly by feeding them foods high in cholesterol?

When you grow up, you are planning to be the coolest, funnest, nicest, and Best Parent In The World, amirite?

Well, when I read the first part I immediately thought of "When I Grow Up" by the PCD, so 'coolest' is a no-go.

You hate playing with others when they start making up insane rules an cheating, amirite?

"I just shot you!"
"No, I have a magical force field!"
"...bitch, just die already."

Whenever Disney wants to teach a lesson in the lines of "it's what's inside that matters", they always produce a movie about a beautiful woman loving an ugly man (example: Beauty and the Beast, The Hunchback of Notre Dame), not vice versa , although girls are much more insecure about their appearance than boys, amirite?
@Mhmmm And a third

Hold the fudge up, I must Google this shit.

You have secretly had a crush on someone before, but denied it when your friends asked you about it, amirite?

Ahh, the magical times of Elementary school.

Teens: You didn't know the Twin Towers existed until 9/11 happened, amirite?

I was only in the first grade at the time. I didn't know anything except for the fact that everybody in my class was being checked out of school except for me.

Apple juice is better than orange juice, amirite?

You can't compare the two. That's like comparing...comparing apples and oranges!

You always have an excuse for eating too much. "It's finals," "I'm on vacation," "I'm really stressed," etc. amirite?

"Starving children in Africa."

Whenever you know something is coming (ex: a shot, a punch, a splash) you close your eyes and clench up your face, amirite?

Or, you know, SHIELD YOURSELF.