You're glad "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," was repealed, amirite?

Ah, freedom of speech.

When you cry, you tend to repeat the same phrase over and over, whether in your head or out loud. amirite?

I did my fuckin best!

If one must be dead to be a saint, how did our beloved jolly old St. Nicholas achieve his title? amirite?
when you were little you thought all you had to do in solitare was line up all the cards from king to ace in 4 lines with a pattern of red, white, red, white, amirite?

Lol I meant black not white. Chill your ballsacks people :)

Too many preteens are coming on this site now, amirite?

Oh believe me I did see it. Its just crossed the line and cause me to make this post lol. And yes it does vondahl. Yes it does.

You don't understand how Hermione always gets away with blowing off her parents for her friends, especially around big family holidays such as Christmas, amirite?
@GarrettsHotBabe Yep, I heard that too. He was a saint named Nicholas and he gave gifts to poor children on Christmas.

lol girls...I'm pretty sure almost everyones heard this if they've made it through 3rd grade

Everyone bitching about the president: Shut the hell up. He tried to do what he thought was best for his country and you just sit there on your ass and complain. His situation was crap going in but at least he is trying to fix it and you elected him! If you cant vote then its not your problem yet any way so shut up. If you want something to change, get up and do something. amirite?
Could ABC Family's logo be any closer to the middle of the screen? amirite?
You pray a flowerpot falls from a windowsill and knocks him in the head like you'd like to, amirite?

i love that songgg :D

It's funny how Christina Aguilera messes up a song and everyone goes apeshit, but Bush messes up a nation and everyone's like meh. amirite?

Fuck this post. Amen to all you sticking up for bush ;) oh and it was a bad message sent to all the world/america that the anthem was screwed up

Milkyway is snickers' gay brother, amirite?
American is one of the largest countries, geographically wise, population wise, and weight wise ;) amirite?

This post is well as the people commenting on it..

Sometimes you wonder if cops get mad because everybody in front of them drives the speed limit. Amirite?

Oh believe me. They do lol. You have no idea how many head home from work in their cruisers and get pissed off at everyone going slow.

There should be a law that if you cut down a tree, you have to plant one, amirite?