If you think about it how could there not be a god? The only other theory is that the universe started as nothing and then exploded. There has to be some divine being who created all this. People who don't believe in anything just aren't using common sense. amirite?

I half-agreed with you until the last sentence. I am a devout Christian and I totally see what your saying, but everyone has a right to their own religion and belief system. You can't just say someone isn't "using common sense" because they don't agree with you. That, my dear, is being very close minded.

I tried to watch it, but I could not do it. I got to maybe two minutes in. What those little brats did to that poor lady was sick and disgusting. What really ticks me off, is that they are so young. If you are only ten years old, and you can laugh at an elderly woman crying...wtf? Seriously? Karma better hit them, and it better hit them hard.

Marijuana should be legalized, and the goverment should tax the crap out of it.
People should be required to take a common sense and basic skills test that they have to pass before voting. They should also be required to go to a seminar explaining all the candidates, amendments, and whatever else they will vote on.
Abortion should be the womans choice, and it should only be done when absolutely necessary.
Anyone in the military should get paid more
Actors, sports stars, etc...shouldnt be as glorified, and they should be treated just like the rest of us. No double standards for people with fame,anf money.
People who intentianally plan out first degree murder should get death penalty. No exceptions.
Convicted animal abusers should get harsher punishments.
Anyone who wants to get married should be able to get married, as long as its consensual for both parties.
Dont let people get divorced so easily.
The list goes on, but I cant think of anything else right this minute.

It's strange to think that we may have witnessed someone's most embarrassing moment and don't even remember, and yet we still think so much about our own, amirite?

We were in Savannah, Georgia and we were talking to a tour guide about a historical house where she was telling us about the previous owners and the general history of it. She kept tripping over the name "Master Bater". The poor lady was red and stuttering up a storm. We finally took the pamphlets and left.

Girls: You have hid clothes you wanted to buy at the store for later purchasing, amirite?

I've always just taken whatever I wanted, and hid it on some random hanger in the boys' section.

It sucks when you come to the realization that almost everyone you used to really look up to when you were younger and enjoy being around, you no longer feel the same way about, because you slowly started to see they are either not very good people or you've far surpassed them intellectually. Kinda makes life a little dull. amirite?

There was this girl I was really good friends with in first grade. I went over to her house a few times, and we always played together.
We kind of drifted after that, but it never really hit me how much each of us changed until highschool.
Now, she is just trashy, mean, and materialistic. She has no respect for her mom, doesn't care about her grades, and treats everyone like garbage. We actually had a class together freshman year, and her and this other girl picked on me constantly. There were sometimes where I just wanted to shout at her and say, "Hey, don't you remember me?! We used to be best friends! I went over to your house! What the hell happened?!"
But, yeah. Sorry about my litte rant, but thats what it reminded me of.

Amirite notifications are more exciting to get than Facebook notifications, amirite?

On here: My stomache gets all fluttery, and I check it right away.
On Facebook: Meh, notification. Ignore.

It's not "cool" or "cute" when you can see the pockets sticking out the bottom of girls' shorts, amirite?

I think it depends on the situation. Who is wearing them, and how they wear them all depends. Like, wearing those with uggs would look trashy, and be a total no in my opinion. But if you can pull them off in the summer while wearing the apropiate accesories, go for it.

You kinda want your grandparents to die already so you can see what you inherited. amirite?

Hell no.I can't speak for the rest of ya'll, but I don't know what I would do if my Papaw passed away. He is just a genuinely good person, who I have always been able to go to. Just the thought of him dying makes me cry. You can't replace love, and memories with money and inheritance. I'm sorry, but it just doesn't work that way.

One of the ways Twilight is cool is because Bella loves Jacob even though he's Indian, while in Harry Potter, there are only white people, because I guess J K Rowling just doesn't like people who aren't white. Just one reason Twilight is better, amirite?

Okay, one: Jacob is Native American. Indians are from India, which Jacob is not. Two: The Paril twins werent white, Cho Chang was asian, Dean Thomas and the prime minister were black. J.K Rowling isnt racist, she had way more ethnicities represented in Harry Potter, than what was represented in twilight. Now, I love both book series, but this argument is ridiculous.

It's a problem if you haven't watched at least five classic Disney princess movies by age 10, amirite?

I had just about every Disney Movie you can think of on VHS tape when I was younger. Thats pretty much all I watched until I was about 6. The only exceptions were when I watched PBS Kids cartoons(Arthur, Barney, Cyberchase, Liberty Kids, etc..), or when my gramma watched Soaps or Nascar.(I never payed any attention to those).

A person looks their best straight out of the shower, amirite?

I'm all red from the hot water and my hair is plasterd to my head. Not attractive.

It would suck ass if you had to write a summary for the license agreement in order to agree to it, amirite?

Shhhh...don't give them ideas.

Family Feud has a lot of not so family friendly answers, amirite?

Oh my God. I died laughing.

You've met a famous person before, amirite?

Taylor Swift, and George Clooney.