Watching the drivers behind you, while driving forward is moronic. amirite?

Is that how your walk down the street? Looking at the people behind you?

Well, yeah, I usually glance over my shoulder if I hear someone. It's good to be aware of your surroundings, especially if the sidewalk gets narrow, or if you're crossing a side street.

Walk into walls much??

No, because I know how to check in front of me before I look behind me for half a second to get a picture of all of the big moving objects, and look back to the front.

How can the average person be so stupid now adays?

Uh oh.

Accessible bathroom stalls are not "family restrooms", amirite?
@fourexhale Actually, half the bathrooms I go to, the baby change table is in the disability-access toilet and we have to use...

At my workplace the changing table is outside of the stalls, and none of the parents I am bitching about had strollers. The kids were all walking on their own. Trust me, I wouldn't be mad about it if there were any good reason for it. There is a family restroom that rarely gets used, but it's hard for me to get in and out of because of how the door is.

Accessible bathroom stalls are not "family restrooms", amirite?
@Mytokhondria Multiple people typically cant fit in a normal sized stall together.

A mom and a small kid easily can in most. I used to take my daughter into non accessible stalls all the time when she was that small.

Accessible bathroom stalls are not "family restrooms", amirite?
@Pheniz21 You must live some place with giant stalls.

Idk I lived in a different state when my daughter was little and it was never an issue. Plus when there's a line parents will take their little kids into the first stall that becomes available, yet somehow when there's no one else using the bathroom they suddenly can't fit. 😒

Accessible bathroom stalls are not "family restrooms", amirite?
Accessible bathroom stalls are not "family restrooms", amirite?
@Thatoneduderyan You could ise that bathroom

I can't. The door is heavy and on springs so it's very difficult for me to get in and out.

self driving 18 wheel trucks are the future. amirite?

Fun fact: the biggest hold up on self driving cars/trucks is our decaying infrastructure. I heard something like 70% of our roads are unreadable by the self-driving AIs

Spaghetti is better without parmesan cheese, amirite?
@Nickyikky Who are you to tell me what I only know? You don't even know me yourself.

You're a born and raised American it's not in your DNA to know good cheese

Also this is obviously a joke, just feel like I have to point that out because you strike me as someone who gets offended easily

American tourists are actually very charming, polite and respectful. amirite?
No 2 people are 100% the same height, amirite?

If there are two children and one is shorter than the other but grows taller later there would be an infinitely small period of time where they are the same height.

We produce too many raisins as a country, amirite?
Emotional abuse can often be far worse then physical abuse, amirite?

Maybe we shouldn't try to see wich type of abuse is worse?

Abuse is abuse

(Also physical abuse generally also comes with emotional abuse soooo)

Hollywood scenes today is always shot with just one actor at a time. I hate it. amirite?

This is one of those opinions that isn't unpopular, people just didn't know they had it until someone else brought it up.

Being an 'introvert' doesn't mean you're shy, amirite?

If you are either socially anxious or just overly shy, it's a thing you can and have to get rid of.

I would say it's something you can learn to manage. I have social anxiety and I'm uncomfortable interacting with people in many situations, but I can do it whenever necessary. My job actually requires a lot of social interaction and I'm doing just fine. But I will probably never get rid of my shyness.

Playing video-games is way better than watching tv shows and movies, amirite?