because the density of Bruce banner will always stay the same, and he cannot add anymore, amirite?
Charlie Chaplin actually lost in a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest. amirite?

Dolly Parton lost a Dolly Parton look-alike contest.

If you poke a hole in the middle of a donut hole, you've made another donut. amirite?

Somebody watched Knives Out recently.

The chances of being killed by an ant is low, but not zero, amirite?

Are you Lellinger?

Since 9 out of 10 dentists recommend Crest toothpaste, It must not work. It would cost them business if it did its job. amirite?

Thats odd. 9 of the 10 dentists Colgate asked apparently recommended Colgate toothpaste.

I can only assume Crest asked 100 dentists. 90 said Crest. Colgate then asked the remaining 10, 9 of which said Colgate?

Makes me wonder what the last dentist said...

We entertain cats with laser pointers for our own entertainment, amirite?

It works on fish too.

There's going to come a day in the next 10 years, where someone gets Rickrolled who doesn't know what a Rickroll is. amirite?

Rickrolling is 13-14 years old.

Rick Astley isn't a particularly popular artist over the world.

I didn't know what a rickroll was the first time I got rickrolled, but I spent weeks rickrolling them back.

Technically, chocolate is healthy cause it comes from a fruit, amirite?

Chocolate is healthy. It's the added sugar that is harmful

It's easier to murder or kidnap someone during the day as opposed to at night as everyone is much more relaxed. amirite?
It is a possibility that the human race might die out without ever finding a sign of another intelligent lifeform. amirite?
There are thousands of people we will never meet that could have ended up being great friends. People we could have made awesome memories with. amirite?

Or more like all the people you've smiled hello to but never had the casual chance to talk to

The act of "using age difference as an argument to make your opinion more valid" is finally getting lost, amirite?
People are obsessed with tanning and having darker skin even though people with darker skin are discriminated against, amirite?

It's based in classism a couple hundred years ago being pale was a status symbol because all the peasants were farmers so the tanned a lot. But when the industrial era came most lower to middle class workers were in factories so being pale was no longer a higher class thing so it became a luxury to be able to do nothing but tan all day so the second ideology plus racism is how most are today

While you scroll down, you don't actually do it. You just change the colors of pixels. amirite?
There's an infinite amount of potential people that don't exist yet, amirite?

Well considering eventually there will be the heat death of the universe there is a finite amount