When you get back in school again, writing feels weird if you haven't done it all summer, amirite?

My handwriting looks like a 1st graders for the first week of school.

Even though he was the villian, you still kinda wanted The Joker to prevail in The Dark Knight, amirite?

That's because he was one of the most intriguing villains ever. He walked that line between crazy and revolutionary. If only he could've been in the final Batman. It would've been that much more amazing.

There are some amirite users, that are like amirite celebrities, that everyone had heard of and have gotten many POTD's, amirite?

How did nobody mention Pedobear?! He was the funniest user ever!


No, it does mean that they're irresponsible. If you're not ready for a kid, DON'T LET A GUY STICK HIS DICK IN YOUR VAGINA! Why is that such a lost concept? It also means that they're incredibly selfish because they're putting their future in front of their future kids.

@davidsplanteII Did you read his book?

No, but he spoke at our school and I got to talk to him for about 5 minutes. He's such a man.

I dare you to say that to Chris Kyle.

The phrase 'we need to talk' makes you instantly defensive and your stomach flip, amirite?

It makes me think of every bad thing I've done recently.


A baby can't really make decision either. As for a woman having the right to chose, I completely disagree. She has already chosen. Pregnancy doesn't happen by accident. It makes me so angry that 42 million soon to be babies are killed every year simply because their parents were incredibly irresponsible.


True, but if they're both humans they should have equal rights.

If God always knows what you're thinking, then praying is redundant, amirite?

"The value of consistent prayer is not the He will hear us, but that we will hear Him." -William McGill

You can't look at Clint Eastwood the same anymore, amirite?

I thought it was pretty dang funny! I liked how it was totally unscripted and different. Even if it was incredibly weird; to the point where I now think he's crazy.

Blackberries are the Myspace of cell phones, amirite?
@boxtop Wouldn't that imply nobody uses them? I know a ton of people who not only own a Blackberry but are obsessed with it.

I think the OP is implying that they used to be awesome, but are now lame because almost everyone has moved on to bigger and better things. (Android/I-phone, Twitter/Facebook)

Confetti is just institutionalized littering, amirite?

Well confetti would be incredibly gross if it was like normal littering. Just imagine looking up to see half eaten nachos and crushed coke cans raining down on you to end a celebration...

Orange juice with ice is one of the most refreshing drinks ever, amirite?

The only thing I like in my orange juice is vodka.

It pisses you off when an athlete holds out and refuses to practice because the team offered ONLY $40 million or something, amirite?

It doesn't really make me that upset. A lot of times, teams won't do the right thing and pay a guy who is playing at a higher level than his contract indicates. Think about it, an NFL running back has an average career span of four yours. That usually plays out to only two contracts for the guys entire career. If you only had that short of a window, you would do everything you could to ensure that you made enough money.