I see nothing wrong with the playpen. The problem is the children. I'm sure everyone would like to see the site change whichever way benefits them. That's what 4 year olds are like.

I really like the site the way it is formatted and easy to navigate. Very nice. But some things are unsavory.

Why does Sarah Sanders always look like she hates everyone ever?

"Always"?? hmm smilie
Image in content

I've been here a week or so, and I can't believe what I see.

More than standing up to your enemies, I respect a lot more people who stand up to others of their own group when they are in the wrong.

Conviction, very little of that anymore in society.

It DOES!!!! I just said that a few weeks ago. Hahaha!! Pedigree canned, with beef, smells like a pot roast. Yummy

@DandyDon Stay out of politics and religion. Go by what you think is right or wrong. There's two sides to all stories, all...

I know that. What I want to know is if I am allowed to ask about something that may be none of my business. I don't know. I don't want to be suspended.

I think stealing is using , without permission, the photo of a movie star or a celebrity as your avatar. I also think that those who do this, and complain of theft of a fake user name, and their friends who defend them, are hypocrites of the highest order. Just my thoughts. This is why I use an animated avatar.

Anybody can also go on a website and claim to be "the real so & so", which is a lie in itself, because there IS no real so & so. The names and avatars are FAKE no matter who uses it. Not real people. Characters only.

@DandyDon If it doesn't break any rules, you can ask whatever you feel like asking..

That's the point. What breaks the rules? I have seen people suspended and posts deleted that broke no rules as far as I could see. Anyway, I've said enough.
That comment by the way is not what my question is about.

Bunk/Trundle Bed: Have you ever slept in one?

Bunk beds


From what I've read and heard, complaining falls on deaf ears unless you are "special". I'm not special, so I will just block the specials. lol


That's ALSO what I heard. haha!! I probly have 4 stink eyes on me as well.

Too many to comment on. It's a way of life these days.