It's really inappropriate that a girl in my class stays after school everyday to be with our teacher, they message each other all the time on Facebook, the teacher talks bad about students with her behind their backs, and that he got her a present for no reason. Amirite?

I thought there would be a pun at the end.

People are saying the word "indeed" a lot these days, amirite?

Or it could be really bad if made by the wrong people

When Bruce Willis was dead at the end of Sixth Sense, you jizzed in your pants, amirite?

i just ate a grape and i jizzed in my pants

It really sucks when the person who carried you around an entire test chamber ends up throwing you down an Aperture Science Emergency Intelligence Incinerator, amirite?

it's from portal

It seems as though the rate at which time passes us by increases as we grow older. The hourglass containing the sands of time widens in the center with each year of age, amirite?

This post is trying too hard to be deep

It's weird when comments have a higher vote count than the post they are on, amirite?

I knew you would look

You love the Mario 404 Not Found message page, amirite?
The interrobang is the sexiest of all punctuation, amirite?
We should call non-mod amiriters muggles, amirite?

it would be to much like mlia

Don't you hate it when two people are killed in a car accident and theres a dog in the backseat of one of the cars and everyone asks if the dog is ok, amirite?

It's okay if they ask it after they know whether the humans survived or not

it's weird thinking that everyone is naked under their cloths, amirite?
If you were a genie and a person asked you this wish, "I wish you would not grant me this wish" you wouldn't know what to do, amirite?
Being jobless is worst job ever!!

"When you're unemployed there is no vacation" - Flight of the Conchords

Captain Lee Retarded, your have been demoted, to Major Lee Retarded, amirite?