There is so much wasted energy lost in gyms. Let's hook up electric generators to the stationary bikes and step machines. Then people could not only lose weight, but also create energy. It wouldn't be much energy, but if there were enough people attending it could at least cover the energy needs of running the gym itself, amirite?

In my gym, there's a device stuck on the bicycles in which you plug your earphones to hear the audio of the televisions. You power you own device, so if you stop pedalling, the audio goes out. This both encourages people to actually excercise and not go to watch T.V. plus, you save energy.

I just took a 5 hour energy and a sleeping pill...LET THE BATTLE BEGIN, amirite?

You're gonna die, man.

You hate the homosexual cursor, amirite?

It's actually pretty manly.

Although I know there are legitimate and serious cases where a woman rapes a man, it's a little difficult to imagine that scenario. Do they just wait until the man gets a random boner and mount him or something? Because that could result in some pretty awkward situations. "Aha yes! I see a bulge in his pants! It's time to put my devious plans into motion!" "Oh hey Jennifer whats...what...wait what the fuck are you doing!?!" "Huh...must have been your phone. Shit. Well I'm gonna leave the country, amirite?

Peter Kropotkin, The Conquest of Bread
If anyone has time to read it:

“Take, for example, an association stipulating that each of its members should carry out the following contract: ‘We undertake to give you the use of our houses, stores, streets, means of transport, schools, museums, etc., on condition that, from twenty to forty-five or fifty years of age, you consecrate four or five hours a day to some work recognised as necessary to existence. Choose yourself the producing groups which you wish to join, or organize a new group, provided that it will undertake to produce necessaries. And as for the remainder of your time, combine together with those you like for recreation, art, or science, according to the bent of your taste….

@BobWilson Peter Kropotkin, The Conquest of Bread If anyone has time to read it: “Take, for example, an association...

”’…if you are absolutely incapable of producing anything useful, or if you refuse to do it, then live like an isolated man or like an invalid. If we are rich enough to give you the necessaries of life we shall be delighted to give them to you. You are a man, and you have the right to live. But as you wish to live under special conditions, and leave the ranks, it is more than probable that you will suffer for it in your daily relations with other citizens. You will be looked upon as a ghost of bourgeois society, unless some friends of yours, discovering you to be a talent, kindly free you from all moral obligation towards society by doing necessary work for you.

“‘And lastly, if it does not please you, go and look for other conditions else where in the wide world, or else seek adherents and organize with them on novel principles. We prefer our own.’”

Fucking genius

When you see someone comment on someone's profile picture "You're sooooo beautiful!!!", you think to yourself: you're standards of beautiful are waaay different than mine. amirite?

Damn, I got excited when you used that first 'you're' correctly, then you fucked up...

for the friggin' mother of god you are so stupid!

Music: the only place where 6/8 and 3/4 are not the same thing, amirite?
Being faithful to your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife should be common sense.. amirite?

Ah, common sense... the least common of the senses.

you've wondered why unicorns are called uniCORNS and not uniHORNS, amirite?

Latin or some shit.

when u were littler all u wanted was a phone so u could show it to older people, and now you're older u see 5 year olds with phonesz and you're like wat the crap! amirite?

Hey guys just chill about the grammar, read this:

You feel like you know the people here, and that they are your friends, amirite?

fuck off

Not wanting to put my food into a bowl that has bits of food stuck to it from last time, even if it's been through the dishwasher, does not make me a "prissy bitch", amirite?

Man up you sissy