L∞L is a good symbol for infinite laughter, but it's powerful magic, so enjoy responsibly. amirite?
L∞L is a good symbol for infinite laughter, but it's powerful magic, so enjoy responsibly. amirite?
It's sad how much weaker the liberal anti-war movement became since Obama's election, amirite?

Doesn't matter who's president. The business interests of the USA are tangled up in foreign resources, such as petroleum and other natural resources. Market demand for certain products increases pressures on big businesses to keep delivering products to consumers at a profit, so if things start looking iffy, they pull the strings of the US government and tell 'em to go to war.

One grammatical error can ruin the hole post, amirite?

As long as you got your point across and it's not a formal piece of writing, then spelling mistakes and grammar "errors" are going to happen. Language is dynamic. If language use patterns never changed, people would still be talking like cave-men.

The phrase the "awkward moment" is overused,where's the originality? amirite?

Some things, such as breathing and drinking water, are not original ideas. It's ok to do unoriginal things sometimes. Well, ok maybe each moment in the universe is unique.

There are days when you feel like you have to argue with someone, and almost everything sets you off on a spree of hatred. It's just like "It's really nothing personal, but I have to reach my bitch quota", amirite?


If you could go back in time to kill one person, you wouldn't choose to kill Hitler, you would kill Abraham, as he led to the formation of the three religions most responsible for wars and massacre-related events. With the consequential disappearance of Christianity, Judaism and Islam, you would not only be preventing the Holocaust in this fashion, but loads of other events such as 9/11, the Crusades and the Inquisition, amirite?

No, you'd have to go back in time and have a discussion with the first single-cell organisms and tell them about the possibile consequences of their decisions.

You kind of wish the US and the USSR were still engaged in a Cold War. amirite?

That's still a possibility! ;-)