About me.

i'm emily, and i'm 17.

jesus christ is my savior, and my life is his.

i'm a huge sports fan. most of my top teams are from boston, but when it comes to football i like the eagles, and college football, michigan!

i play the guitar, and i love music. and by 'loving' i don't mean i know all the top 100 songs. cause to be honest, i probably dont. i believe everyone has their favorite genres and band, but no music is bad music. my personal favorites:the kooks, the format, mayday parade, the academy is, goo goo dolls, relient k, sublime, the cab, run kid run, and august burns red.

i also love to read, but somehow with school and friends and work this year, i'm finding it difficullt to find the time. which stinks.

i love clementines, i eat ramen noodles too much, i eat oreos with peanut butter, and i dont really enjoy popcorn.

i believe laughter is the best medicine, and everyone deserves the chance to smile.

if you got this far, kudos to you. you might as well start a conversation now :)

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