What CDs Would You Take With You on a Road Trip?

You can bring over 14,000 songs with you on a 64GB flash drive a little bigger than a dime.Image in content

Save me some savory Jebus!
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Would You Rather Live on the Moon or Live Under the Sea?

Under the Sea
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Does the World Need A New Order?

Not the one that's planned.
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What is one bad habit that you would like to break?

I plan on breaking my procrastination problem sometime...but there's a bunch of things I have to do first.

When it comes to crastinatin'... I'm a Pro! ;*)

Are you an Animal Lover?

My best friend is an animal...
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Morality is based in a sliding scale.
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They should take the "SodaHead" website offline...It's ridiculous to keep it there like that!


I don't wear HATE either...
But I do sometimes wear a hat. ;*)
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Post a song about blue!

Behind Blue Eyes
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None (yet)...I just got here...this is my second answer so far.

Do You Resist Change Or Do You Tend To Embrace It And Roll With The Punches?

I've seen a lots of things 'change' over the years and I'm sure to see lots more.
Nothing ever stays the same...
So I say, embrace the change and roll with the punches!
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I think you should be allowed to grow it yourself for your own personal use.
(just like you can make your own beer or wine)
Marijuana is a far safer recreational drug than alcohol.
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What are you addicted to?