I know! I told hipster jokes before they were mainstream.

In games(any sport) it's wierd that you cheer for your team's, and the other team's defence that failed, amirite?
@dan94 Are you saying that it's weird we cheer for the team we support? Are you saying it's weird we cheer the opposition...

I'm saying you clap for both teams when they don't do well:you clap for your team to make them feel better after they lose, but you also cheer when the other team loses cause it will help your team

If you think about it, what really makes things beautiful? what is it about a rose that appeals more than a pile of dirt? Why is a cheerleader supposively more attractive than a smart girl with braces and glasses? What separates that? amirite?

Yah, i know what you mean(about cheerleadersbeing smart), i was just talking about the steriotypical type.

When you were younger, Mom: "I think somebody needs to take a nap!" You, thinking: maybe that 'somebody' is you, mom. amirite?

No wonder shes so grumpy :)

Being different isn't always a bad thing, amirite?
It seems like at a restaurant, when you want Coke, they only have Pepsi, and when you want Pepsi, they only have Coke, amirite?
@twisted_memories Where I work, we have both ;)

thats good:) It seems like most places only have what i dont feel like having that day


Um exuse me, I'M ALREADY DONE!!!

When you go to a public restroom, you squat because there is pee on the seat, but there is pee on the seat because people squat, amirite?
"Ya! Let's get our face painted!" Three days later: "It STILL won't come off!!!" amirite?
@or it could go the other way. one drop of sweat and....goodbye paint.

some paint does, others dont but the ones that dont, really hurt you face when you try to scrub it off

Lets try to get 10,000 yeah you ares on this plz i beg , amirite?

Maybe -10,000 if people keep this up

It's not Wednesday, amirite?
You're 12. amirite?
@10 year olds on this website. This is pathetic.

excuse me, lets go back to kindergarten and redo math now

Guys: if you have to pee when you're having sex with a girl, you pee in her vagina, amirite?

your discusting!! :P

You're 12. amirite?
Justin Bieber at the age of 40 is a scary thought. amirite?

Mabey by then he'll actually have a developed voice..... well, mabey. if he eats a lot of peas and carrots, but even thats questionable