If someone died in their Halloween costume unexpectedly their ghost would have to be whatever monster they wear for Halloween, amirite?

Imma die dressed as the sole heir to heir to Jeff be is' fortune

One day you'll be exactly halfway through your life without ever realizing it, amirite?

one day you were exactly halfway through your life and you didn't realize it

No matter who wins the еlection about 50% of people are gonna be pissed off, amirite?

But one side takes it far better. Don't recall a reaction like trump winning ever happening in previous elections

Neither men nor women have unequal advantages and disadvantages over each other and people screaming about it on either side have deep insecurity issues. amirite?

Begone troll.

The entire game of hot potato relies on the premise that everyone is inside of an oven that is turned on. amirite?

What? No it doesn't; your passing around a hot potato.

The mental gymnastics you must have pulled would be amazing.

Officially, you must let your hand know, It's a state law.

People who snore really drew the short straw in A Quiet Place, amirite?

At least they'll die in their sleep

If firearms or firepower in general had never been invented, we would have anti-sword campaigns instead, amirite?
@KitKatery If rocks hadn't been discovered, we'd have anti-punching campaigns

If punching hadn't been discovered, we'd have anti-pointing campaigns.

You need to breathe to live, but with every breath you take, you're one breath closer to death. amirite?

hyperventilates suicidally

"It goes without saying" is the dumbest expression in the English language, amirite?
@SuperRhl No, "I could care less" is.

The expression is "I couldn't care less". Many people say it incorrectly (not judging, just a fact), so it seems non-sensical.

If everyone in the world gave you one dollar every year, it would still take around 14 years to reach Jeff Bezos networth, amirite?
As technology advances, so does the chance of a detective yelling enhance and zooming on a person's eye to check the license plate of their car. amirite?
Dinosaurs are an advanced race that has technology far more advanced ours because they have been living here for millions of years, considering the technology we developed in about 2000 years in comparison to theirs, amirite?
@cinemassacress But still, they have been alive for a million years and maybe there is at least one (singular form of species) to...

Insects have been around over 400 million years. Dinosaurs were around for half that time, and went extinct. So by that logic, shouldn't insects be more intelligent and advanced than humans?

If you have enough epi pens you can be allergic to nothing, amirite?

Epi pens don't get you immunity from the object