About me.

♥I'm Katie♥
♥im not perfect and dont wanna be.. ♥
♥my poison is jager i love it and a good vodka =].♥
♥i smoke hookah..♥
♥my friends are my life and i love em..♥
♥i believe in God... ♥ †
♥memories make me smile and cry..♥
♥i love my family..♥
♥im obsessed with my catdog and putzier..
call it lame but i do have a tattoo of my cat...but he meant the world to me :o(♥
♥i love football the Broncos are my team =]
♥i LOVE koolaid and ketchup.
♥i have an obsession with shaving my legs♥
♥ I love my mom and 2 brothers and i dont know what i do without em♥
♥I grew up...join me♥
♥ if im quiet..im mad or tired ♥
♥ people either love me or hate me♥
♥i have a whifey... talk everyday or rarely.i love her and would give her the world (wifey meaning my best friend... no homo haha♥
♥ im afraind of thunder, chainsaws, chameleons, iguanas, richard simmons and scary movies make me scream♥
♥ fanta ♥
♥ ice tea is AMAZING♥
♥ i hate the heat and love the snow♥
♥ im not conceited i just know im a bad ass♥
♥ i love my 2 nieces and nephew...theyre amazing♥
♥ im still addicted to good charlotte probably always will be :) ♥
♥ i have 3 songs that i have to hear everyday to know that the day is gonna be good♥
♥ as i said before i am a Christian and i do believe in The Lord just in a way that some dont like to except ♥
♥ i dont understand people that say they dont have a religion because when times get hard and when they feel it cant get worse...who are they praying to ♥
♥ i dont push my views on anyone i can sit and listen to your point of view on the whole world all night long and just be amazed that thats how they see it♥
♥ im random i have weird thoughts i dont hold back♥
♥ I love the life i live, i wouldnt want it any other way it all happens for a reason♥
♥ i have 9 piercings and 3 tattoos♥
♥ i dont know how much more i can say about myself lol this gets way hard ♥

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