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What is your go to alcoholic drink?

If i drank for breakfast or brunch, i'd have a hangover headache in two hours.

What is your go to alcoholic drink?
@Sofia Nah, not orange juice for me. Tropical, pineapple or peach are my picks :D If it's Orange and Peach juice, I would...

Fresh orange/pineapple juice works.:)
But....i very rarely drink. I use edible cannabis for medicinal reasons, mostly. Alcohol muddies my mind. I like to be in control.

I use a debit card, for most things.


It was pretty benign.


No ones business but his. He is a grown man.
That is all i have to say on the subject. Except that he is a unique individual and i enjoy his presence. I also take no offense to the things he says. He means no harm.


Again....people perceive enjoyment in different ways

What is your go to alcoholic drink?

People handle things like death and dying differently. I know of a fellow who has been getting weekly chemo for 12 years.

What is your go to alcoholic drink?

I miss your beautiful art, free.

@Azlotto Umm...I got nuthin'...I think I'll just walk away whistling.

How much is that doggy in the window, i do hope thst doggys for sale. Now see if you can get THAT tune out of your head:)

if you want to see what liberals really think of minorities, just look how they treat conservative minorities

I agree. Can you imagine any of us, with our petty arguements, sitting in and discussing real issues with the founders? I think we wouldnt be coming back from behind that barn.