Not really.
Cr@pping and p!ssing my diapers, and shrieking every time something bothered me wasn't a whole lot of fun.


Naked chipmunks are a bit off the limits and why doesn't Donald Duck have any trousers?


He was an early Beta test participant, when it came to Photoshop 1.0.

I miss the drawing option from the old site. I would've depicted a viking rowboat seen from the above.

The female form naked... Stop that furry!! Now then nothing wrong with a nice piece of art but if that was a photo on page three of a British newspaper would it also be considered art?Suspect not.If you don't know what I am on about google page three of The Sun.
The human form should be appreciated in all shapes and sizes-and it doesn't need a great master to paint it.Still life anyone?

@Carla I can only imagine

I am thankful, that my military father cared about us traveling to see such things.

First in: if Khashoggi was armed he'd be alive today. confused smilie

I do still clearly remember the beauty of the frescoes, and awe I felt being there 50 years ago.