It would be weird if Gangnam Style was actually a giant rain dance and we brought this hurricane on ourselves. Amirite?
@I saw that 3 times today.

This was your favourite time I hope

you hate seeing women like this, amirite?

No, I fucking love seeing people look miserable.

You have a preferred method of death. Amirite?
@Poz Yeah. But which method? I would hate to hang myself. I'd rather jump of a tall building

I would make a noose out of razor wire, put it around my neck and climb onto a chair. Then, I would glue my hands to my head and jump off. It would cut my head off with my hands still attached and look like I ripped my own head off. Cool, huh?

Some users have forsaken Amirite and the new admin way too easily. Much of what he/she's done is justified. It's understandable to remove spiteful posts because it creates an environment that is impossible to enjoy. If we keep up this negativity, there is no hope for this website. We need to give the new admin a chance, Amirite?
@Madie Wait wait wait... New admin? Have I been living under a rock?

No you would need to be living under like 174 rocks to not have heard about this

If a stranger starts talking to you in an elevator, just say: "I don't want to talk in case we get stuck and I have to eat you" that'll shut 'em up. amirite?

What if they say, "well I like to get to know my victims"?

You wonder what British people call potato chips, since they call french fries 'chips', amirite?
Kid in Maths class: “When are we ever gonna need this in real life?” Yeah, you may not need to know anything other than basic addition when you cash your welfare check, but the rest of us want to learn this, amirite?

"You're going to need it on your next math test, that's real life." That's what my teacher says

Guys: there is nothing more attractive then a girl in your clothes. Amirite?

A girl without clothes?

Gay marriage is legal in 6 states, but having sex with a horse is legal in 23. Good Going, America, amirite?

Yeah but how many states can you have sex with gay horses?

"It's annoying when you're getting head and..." it's impossible to finish that sentence, amirite?

"your girlfriend walks in"

The difference between America and a block of cheese is that the cheese would grow a culture after a couple of centuries, amirite?

It's funny because the American culture dominates the world.

It's weird that society believes female breasts are okay to publicly show, as long as the nipples are covered, but men can openly show their nipples. They are not so different that one is more 'obscene' than the other. amirite?


Click "Yeah You Are!" to vote for Obama, and "No Way!" to vote for Rommey. Let's see who wins this! amirite?
@scojo Why not just wait until we find out who won the real election?

Because the amirite? community is so politically inclined and knowledgeable and so diverse really it's not like they're all democrats or anything. This is basically so we can get an intelligent discussion as you can see from the previous comments.

One of the worst (non-lethal)  things that can happen to someone who loves to read is going blind, amirite?

It would also suck of you were someone who enjoyed being alive and you stopped breathing

It's frustrating when someone is pissed off and reasons it with "I'm tired", "I've had a long day" or "I had a lot to do". Everyone has those problems on a daily basis, the only difference between you, the complainer, and I, the unfortunate being who has to listen to your muttering, is that I don't bitch about trivial mundane occurrences. Amirite?

You say you don't bitch about trivial mundane occurrences, but this sure sounds like bitching, and it sure as hell is trivial. You're not the only one who listens to people complain, everyone has listen to someone whine on a daily basis. So um yeah, stop being a hypocrite.