About me.

Hello, my name is Christina. :3 I'm 14-years of age, with a birthday on June 25th. A few of my older posts made, like from '10 and '11, I don't agree with anymore. However, I can't delete them. v_v (People's views change!)
I'm strongly pro-choice, pro-sex education (but not that abstinence only shit. it's so uninformative), pro-women's right, sex-positive, and a strong supporter of the LGBT* community.
I don't follow any religion, but I'm supportive of/open to anyone's beliefs that don't interfere with the rights of other, and as long as they aren't shoved down my throat.
I have a dream to become a musician when I'm older, or at least to get into the music branch. If that doesn't work out, I wanna become a piercer and help others obtain healthy body modifications! And if that doesn't work I wanna own my own little coffee and tea shop. _^