Nuclear power is the only viable carbon neutral power source. amirite?
@Mrtechnohawk I don't think the reason nuclear power is that a unpopular public sentiment i think thats largely faded. The real...

As an American I would hope my friends in Western Europe would be confident the US could supply them with uranium. Our lands are vast. We surely have plenty. And we do like money.

When getting food with a big group where everyone wants to pay separate, I feel like the standard should be separate checks. Splitting the bill evenly because the waiter doesn't want to spend the time doing that shouldn't be my problem. amirite?
@Leic0408 Dude I've done this and they still hate it! You must have been an awesome server

I think you're just getting unlucky with bad servers. As a restaurant industry lifer, servers are totally okay with you saying it at the beginning. Having to do it all at the end does suck

Stevie Wonder is the most used example of a blind person. amirite?

The first one I think of is Louis Braille

Stevie Wonder is the most used example of a blind person. amirite?
@lampnerd2 You probably don't know Tommy from The Who either.

You probably don't know Hattie McDaniel from Gone With the Wind either

thousand island dressing is terrible, amirite?

You just need to try the dressing from the other 999 islands to make sure there's a variation that you like.

Vampires are really wasteful considering they drink from a human a few sips and leave them to die, amirite?
@Crazymotherfuker It's kind of the most efficient method of reproduction ever

Also most useless since vampire hardly die, there is almost no reason to reproduce

Vampires are really wasteful considering they drink from a human a few sips and leave them to die, amirite?
@jokesonyouiwannadie Countless diff vampires though

Everybody knowns only the Anne Rice ones and Dracula are the real ones.

Bidets have a secret benefit: they make spicy food less daunting. amirite?

Doesn't water famously make spicy food worse?

Better get a bidet that dispenses milk

Ranch dressing is terrible, amirite?

I hate ranch as a whole. I've heard of a pizza owner charging $10 for ranch because he despised people adding it to pizza.

NYC landlords and brokers are not evil and shouldn't be blamed for "unfair" prices and fees--they're cogs in a system driven by the extreme upper class, amirite?

Sure, that's why they leave a property empty rather than lower the rent?

If a facility is paid for (fully or partially) by taxpayers then the taxpayers should have free or reduced pricing access to the facility. amirite?

curious what you're talking about with the las vegas thing. do you have an article that talks about that? thx

Smoking cigarettes in a group setting without the ok from everyone should be stigmatised. amirite?

Not unpopular, most people don't associate themselves with smokers that smoke as they please. Excuse yourself elsewhere to smoke.

99% of adults are ok with eating meat from a cow, but almost none are ok eating meat from a human. amirite?

What the f#$k! Why did you exclude mushrooms?

Watching sad movie scenes involving kids hits you in the feels real different after you have a kid of your own, amirite?

I'm not a parent but I do find as an adult I see movies involving kids differently. There is an adult instinct to protect kids from harm, even fictional ones.

For example, the third season of the Highschool Musical TV series has a storyline where the teenage characters are putting on a play at summer camp and a documentary is being made about them. The adults making the documentary are being very exploitative and trying to cause drama between the kids. I'm sure teens watching the show think of themselves as adults, so although they see the documentary makers as villains they probably don't have the same level of horror watching as I do as an adult. I see the villains of the season as horribly abusing and emotionally manipulating children.

a lot of women's whole identity is the relationship their in and it's sorta pathetic, amirite?

A lot of people make their entire identity about criticizing anything a woman anywhere chooses to do and the applying it to all women