Humans domesticated dogs, cows and sheep. But wheat domesticated humans. amirite?

How to tell you don't understand domestication without saying you don't understand domestication.

Theme parks/ rollercoaster are designed to sell the idea of danger to someone, but the minute it becomes what pretends to be, the place gets sued, amirite?

no, it's fun to fall without dying. i would jump off a building if it didn't hurt, and going on a roller coasters simulates that feeling of falling without the danger

Humans are so lucky that Orcas aren't interested in eating us. amirite?

Actually orcas are lucky that orcas aren't interested in eating humans. And even luckier humans aren't interested in eating orcas.

Failing any level of education before university is perfectly acceptable. amirite?

Primary education creates habits and strengthens certain skills that are very useful in college and later on. And as others have said takes very little effort to at least pass.

Obviously not all aspects of primary education are ideal, but failing? I never understood that. I felt like I would have had to try harder to fail than to pass.

Bathroom Order: Use toilet, wash hands, THEN zip up, amirite?

In a public restroom I'm zipping before I leave the toilet. The belt can wait, but I don't want to risk my doinger flopping out.

Hammocks look more relaxing than they actually are, amirite?

Diagonal sleeping? I've been doing it all wrong! Time to upgrade my hammock game.

Fish pics get too much hate, amirite?

It's generic.

Nobody really likes looking at dead things.

It doesn't really tell us much about you.

Sleeping without a pillow is better than with, amirite?

Whenever I try sleeping on my arms they end up loosing blood flow and I wake up with huge marks on them

Snakes are by far the most misunderstood animals, amirite?

I think a lot of them are cute tbh

Cars should have back honks, amirite?

I petition them to be labeled "Back Honks". That's just perfect.

Hating on people for loving and supporting their favorite artist is absurd. amirite?

One thing is buying the merch and listening to the artists music, and another thing is following every single action of the artist, knowing all his/her exes, the dog name, and even creating a fanpage of the artist.

Fish pics get too much hate, amirite?
@Some-Noname-idk Woman here, former app dater. I don't think fish pics are all that bad, they're just used so often that they've...

I was on a dating app very briefly, and I was shocked at how many men used pictures where they are wearing beanies/hats, sunglasses, and/or surrounded by a group of other guys in most of their pics. It was truly a mystery trying to figure out which one they were and what they actually looked like. I'm glad you have friends and look good with your entire head and face covered, but seriously??

Fish pics get too much hate, amirite?
@Technasis I never take pictures of myself, but i do take pics of my fishes with me in them so they are an easy (And often...

Yup. This is exactly me. About 98% of photos that clearly show me in it, are fishing and hunting photos. Hunting being even more frowned upon than fishing.

Fish pics get too much hate, amirite?
@Achilles982 I think the fish pic is just really common so of you're swiping through apps you see a lot of them and after a...

My theory is that a lot of guys don't take many pictures of themselves so the ones they do have are the fish pics.

Not wanting to be proven wrong doesn't automatically mean you have doubt…, amirite?