why do successful people succeed?
why do successful people succeed?
@perdix Then, his lifetime will be rather short :)

Wait a second, does it say "What if the guy is a fisherman" for you, too? I meant, "sh*t fisherman," but I think it censored me. I think that you still understood the comment, though.

I am 22 years old and I have been friends with my best friend since birth. We have been through literally everything together. I recently wasn't invited to her wedding because it was family only. I'm not crazy for thinking it's nuts that just because we don't share the same blood that I should be considered family because of how long we knew each other and how close we are.

I know it seems that way, but it would be kind of disrespectful. Hey, I don't give enough of a fuck to get upset about it, but I don't agree with it, either. I'm just explaining it to you.

Do you masterbate? Do you use toys when you masterbate? Or do you use your hands? Or do you do both?

Hehehe, love a lot of these T.M.I. questions.

Closed-mindedness can be reasonable sometimes. Yet, it is best if you were open-minded about something before you became closed-minded.

Abso-fucking-lutely. That doesn't mean be ignorant, that just means be SURE of your opinion, even if you're wrong.

AddictingGames and CrazyMonkeyGames are two of the best online game websites ever, amirite?

Addicting Games used to be, but no longer.

Hip dysplasia should be informally known as the 'hip-hop', amirite?

If you're insensitive.

You know someone who has a distinct way of behaving and a unique personality, who could totally be a sitcom character, amirite?

I'll do you one better, I am that person.

Have fun.

When I was younger, I always thought the purpose of life was to enjoy it. Looking back on it, I still see no problem with that statement, people overthink simple things, amirite?

I'm not so much for the "over-thinking simple things" part of this post, but I agree with the "enjoy it" part. I mean, it's different strokes, y'know?

You wish this website was as awesome as it was 2-3 years ago, amirite?

I just signed up, today.

Symbolically, from a metaphoric, artistic standpoint, yes.

I had the sweetest the prettiest boyfriend.Wich he loved me so much!!And now I broke up with him because I wanted the other boy from my class who don't likes me at all. :'( tell me what to do... :'( pleasee

You made the wrong type of question.

It's annoying when people say Eminem is the best white rapper in the game when he's the only white rapper they know. RA The Rugged Man, Apathy, Slug, Brother Ali, Kno, Vinnie Paz, Lord Lhus, Snak The Ripper, Surreal/Sound Providers are all capable MC's that deserve a look at before you claim Eminem is the best. Hell, even the Problemaddicts, the Procussions and the Youth have white MC's, amirite?

Listen to the song "White America - Eminem." Even Eminem knows that what you're denying is true. Only thing is, that's not what the post is about.