Guys: You find it really hard not to tell girls the huge secret about penises that we can never let them know. amirite?
@Ross no we don't, that's a fire hazard

yeah rubbing wood together tends to start fires

Girls: you wonder where guys put their dicks when they wear skinny jeans, amirite?

guys wonder about those guys too

Lets see how long we can have Funny, WTF, I Like Turtles, Huh?, Unoriginal, Yeah You Are, and No Way, all the same, amirite?

it aint workin bro

Only girls with big boobs should be allowed to live, the rest should be burned alive, amirite?

as much as i like boob... especially the big ones... this post is just stupid... if the girl with out boobs were killed then all baby girls would die and life would cease to exist

Guys: You jack off daily, amirite?
I LOVE how people can make jokes about The Holocaust, Hiroshima, and etc, but Americans, when someone says something about 9/11, it's like AWW HELL NO! amirite?

I don't support joking about any of them, but as an American I do get EXTRA pissed about those who trivialize 9/11

"You're a good kisser" is one of the best things you can hear, amirite?
@wickedawesomechick I'd rather hear "you're a good kisser"

Oh suck it. I messed up once. Since you knew what I meant, how about you get over it?

Guys: You jack off daily, amirite?
Teenagers: sometimes when you're out with your devil worshipping friends, drinking drugs and smoking alcohol while having an unprotected sex orgy, you like to laugh at how stupid your parents are because of what they think really goes down at your parties and sleepovers, amirite?
You'd enjoy being able to use a wider variety of words in daily life without sounding like a nutcase or pretentious asshole to the general public, amirite?

Going against the accepted vernacular confuses the general population.

A guys idea of matching is wearing the same color from pretty much head to toe, amirite?

That's not what it is?

Girls: Sometimes, you wish you could push the fat on your stomach up to your boobs, amirite?

if girls could do that males everywhere would rejoyce

The best way to answer the question "Hey guess what!" is to say "The 5th Dentist caved and now they're all recommending Trident?", amirite?

been watching FRIENDS lately?

If your a guy, and a girl tells you that she was raped last weekend... You wouldn't know what to say to her, amirite?
Naming your kid "Rabtehgl" and pronouncing it "Rachel" just condemns your kid to a life of explaining how to pronounce their name and possibly being made fun of, not a life of "Your so unique," amirite?
@Simon Fee-bee.

WTF how does Phoebe (good and normal spelling) become the same thing as phoboe?