About me.


Salutations! Haha welcome to my profile! I'm Anisha, or as it is on this site, chuckytheducky! So about me, hmm...well I'm a sophomore in high school, I'm very nice and outgoing :) I like food, I'm not gonna lie. Food is pretty good. Nutella...NOMNOMNOM. But I'm a vegetarian. Okay I like texting, listening to music, facebook, amirite, and hanging out with friends :) I'm extremely optimistic and talkative! Lesse I've been on this site for a while now, annd I post too much for the amount I get homepaged, but oh well, it's worth it. I like all types of music, however I am a little partial to screamo and heavy metal, it depends song to song. I love smiles, I think they're the best feature on any personn! I play field hockey, not the best but not the worst(: I'm Indiann, I live in the USA, and I love chinese food :P I enjooy reading, so tell me a good book pleease. I'm a very nice person so don't be afraid, I don't bite :) Thaat's pretty much it, leave me a message, go through my posts, favorite them, agree with them, disagree with them, do whatever. Thanks for reading. Peeeace.

Siberian Huskies make the world go round, as do all wolves...but especially huskies :)

48 homepaged :D The people of amirite are lovely.

Jack3305 is my amirite best friend and he's superduperamazing and nice and awesome! We've been besties for nearly a year and he's a very interesting person to talk to :) So go check his page out and make him feel special :]

ilikefurrywolves4815 is another one of my amirite friends and she's also FABULOUS and she's so much like me soo you should go give get love :)