Low budget porn should never cum out, amirite?

thats really clever

I just took a stool softener and a stool hardener, and now my stools don't know what to do! amirite?

some are statments about objects and T.V. or food not all are questions you dumbasses

Sanity is the enemy of ingenuity, amirite?

hey your online

Amy Winehouse's death is truly a tragedy. We all know she struggled with her own demons, but her music really captivated the world. Her soulful sound helped to pave the way for the modern British pop singers. You can say whatever you want for some of the life choices she made, but you cannot deny her talent. amirite?

I really dont know who she is and I dont care I dont like modern music anyway

Creedence Clearwater is awesome, amirite?
The people you hope to meet in heaven the most are family members, John Lennon, and George Harrison, amirite?

everyone should know John Lennon and George Harrison if not you fails in life

I dont see how you can jack someones swag but oh well, amirite?
Midget porn is a fail, amirite?

I sure did Sir!

When you get older you can tell your kids: "when I was your age MTV played music", amirite?

You are soooooooo rite

A best way to start the day is a hug, amirite?
You hate it when you get a txt message saying Kk, amirite?

ok I get watcha mean

It's really stupid when a girl on facebook will change her profile picture and then ask everyone to comment on it or "like" it. Are they so desperate they have to ASK to be told they're pretty?! amirite?

Lol hahahaha nice