If you smell something with enough force your eating it. amirite?

You pretty much ingest everything you smell. Everyone has ingested feces whether they know it or not.

Organs donated from people that died make the people that died a reverse Frankenstein monster, amirite?

No. It makes them someone who saved a life.

Considering how many times Sasuke killed him, Danzo is a piss poor fighter. amirite?

but he took shisui's eye

There must be people whose life almost entirely matches that of a fictional character. amirite?
Water is kinky cause it likes to choke you. amirite?
@Vindicare-jjl What do I not get here?

Wouldn't be worth the effort to explain.

Childhood is a free trial to the adult life, amirite?
Burnt cheese is better than melted cheese. amirite?
If human beings were nocturnal, stereotypical monsters would look very different. amirite?

Someone make art depictions pls

The signing community really missed a trick by not having a single, global sign language, amirite?

As did every other type of language.

Everyone has material to blackmail themselves, amirite?

Write you home address as the senders address

Most women think all it takes for men to pee with absolutely no splashes is good aim, when that's really only half the battle. amirite?

Who cares if you splash? Just clean it up after.

Prison can be considered a very expensive gated community. amirite?

AND!!! Someone else pays the rent for you.

Bayley is considered hot because of her rear end, amirite?
Listening for work sounds lazier than looking for work. amirite?

How does one listen for work?

Seems like a passive method rather than actively looking

The more pixels you use to blur something, the less blurry it gets, amirite?

How blurry something is isn't dependent on the amount of pixels in it. You can have a high resolution blur that's less discernible than a low resolution one. Color and shape get distorted when something is blurred out, so pixel count definitely isn't the only thing that effects image clarity.