There's probably one dude out there who uses faceapp with dating apps to see what the women will look like when they get old. amirite?
@Darealkyp Doesn't everyone?

Oh, that was easy to find him.

There's no such thing as fake spoilers. amirite?
@Milehighscrub Knowing it's fake makes a difference. Learning how to compartmentalize things in your head also helps

Does it? Imagine a friend telling a certain character dies in an episode of a show you like. You get upset, such a spoiler! Then he tells you it's a joke, he doesn't die. Well, that's part of the fun. Maybe in that episode the character is in a perilous situation, but guess what... You already know he won't die, no matter what :(

There's no such thing as fake spoilers. amirite?
Your 'one that got away' might consider you to be the 'bullet they dodged.', amirite?

I would say most likely.

It's entirely possible that Sigmund Freud had a weird thing for his mom and just assumed everyone else did too. amirite?
There is no true definition of normal as everybody's opinon is differnt. amirite?
@Mrnobody7330 Normal? No. Statistical mean of a data sample? Yes.

While true and this can apply, I don't think we're really talking about data here.

Somebody finish the game of Jumanji already. amirite?

I refuse to roll

You probably have an ancestor that looks exactly like you, amirite?

Who probably produced an offspring who looked a certain way.

"Will you marry me" is a marriage proposal, while "will, you, marry, me" is a foursome proposal. amirite?

Hey vsause, Michael here

An often symptom a being dumb is the lack of realizing that you're a dummy. amirite?

This is called The Dunning-Krueger Effect.

"Boys" usually precede "girls" but "ladies" usually precede "gentlemen.", amirite?
It doesn't matter how big your penis is if it can't make someone happy. amirite?
When the Earth is closer to burning to a crisp, all bread will be toast for at least a moment. amirite?

Rise, my underlings, RISE!!!

All men really want is for a woman to peg them. amirite?

Yeah thats gonna be a no dan.

Compact fluorescent bulbs are the Betamax of lighting. amirite?

and the Betamax is the C7S