Children have absolutely no control over what their parents do, or what their parents expose them to, including habits that are unhealthy, like smoking. I think parents who smoke in front of their children and expose them to harmful second hand smoke should be punished.

I'd like to think that it's bad to have people smoke around kids, but actual punishment would be difficult, especially since cigarettes are legal.

People who behave and don't cause trouble: You've never heard an angry song nor played a violent video game in your life, amirite?

Never been in trouble, but I love metal music.

What do you think are the inherent differences between someone raised in the city and someone raised in a rural area?

It all depends on personality and what you prefer. I've lived in smaller towns and bigger towns, and though I prefer a mix of both, both are good to live in.

You don't quite understand the recent uproar caused by Blurred Lines, amirite?
@ItsATrap It makes me think of Fat Albert every time I hear it.

I've never seen it so I might not understand, but why?

It's impossible for long distance relationships to work out, amirite?

When my parents were dating, my dad moved to another state for work, and my mom kept up a relationship with him by flying out to see him often and talking on the phone all the time. They've been married for twenty years now.

I do not think it is okay, but I took this post as sarcasm. There was a Victor Davis Hanson article regarding this.

Obama consistently and persistently lies to Americans and most believe him because they are hearing what they want to hear and he knows this. He then goes on and does what he damn well pleases because he knows no one will call him out on it, usually for fear of being called “raaacist!” Heh…that term has been thrown around so many times it doesn't mean anything anymore, amirite?
@Orangies 1) Racism still has meaning, and is still a problem. What are you talking about? 2) Yes, he does lie. But doesn't...

1. It is still a problem, but the term is used loosely now, so what qualifies as racism is a wide spectrum.

2. Obama didn't inherit an easy situation, but to say that he has done absolutely nothing wrong and he was the poor martyr who volunteered to clean up Bush's mess is ridiculous.

It's nice when people who haven't had a regular picture on here finally get one so then you can finally put a face to everything they post, amirite?

It's always interesting. But I would be curious to see what people think I look like.

When you discover that a really popular artist that everyone dismisses as crap is actually enjoyable, you feel like a hipster in reverse, amirite?

the life of a One Direction fan.

Hating someone for no longer loving you lacks rationale. amirite?

I still do though. But it's not really a hate.

Wearing glasses to make yourself look smart is like adding decals and a spoiler to your car to make it look fast. It would be more efficient to put the time and money spent trying to look a certain way into actually becoming smarter or making your car faster, amirite?

Yes! Everyone at my school is wearing these Buddy Holly type glasses and not only do they look stupid but I have glasses and I don't no why people want them if they don't need them.

We always strive for the things we fantasize about, maybe a perfect house, money, or a romance that Nicolas Sparks could've written. But the grass is always greener on the other side. We should try to enjoy life as it is, and be glad that these things can stay as perfect as we imagine them, so we don't grow tired of them, and can use them as a form of escapism when needed, amirite?
Don't eat your breakfast!

Breakfast is fucking delicious.

Hermione was probably an INTJ, amirite?

I don't know, Hermione is pretty empathetic.

It's interesting how important a chicken can be to someone, amirite?

This reminds me of Ed Sheeran's song Little Bird.