It would be interesting and probably funny to see how what people would say if they couldn't go back on things they type, amirite?

So basically when people just had typewriters.

High school is rarely portrayed accurately in TV and movies amirite?

There is always that kid who gets food smashed in their face or shoved into a locker. There is bullying at school, but never like that.

It's a proven fact that your kids will never like your music and you will never like theirs. We never liked our parents music. They just dealt with it!

My mom and I share alternative music all the time, while my dad and I like jamming to classic rock.

Assuming that all bronies are sexually attracted to the characters of My Little Pony is like assuming that everyone who watches Star Wars masturbates to Darth Vader, or like thinking that all Star Trek fans have the hots for Spock, amirite?

But Zachary Quinto is pretty fine...

You wish people looked like their personalities. amirite?

I'd be fucked, ha.

Childhood games teach mediocrity. Simon Says teaches us to blindly follow directions; Duck Duck Goose lets us know that life is a popularity contest; Hide and Seek says that being quiet is the only way to survive; Tag provides this insight: one minute you are “it” and the next you are irrelevant; Dodgeball shows us how to take advantage of people weaker than us because our self-esteem will go up when we deflate others. Kids today deserve a new set of learnings and new rules for life. Ami...

Ah, yes. These wretched games taught me to never speak for myself and to take what others tell me. I'd better go play some Dodgeball to restore my self esteem.

You know a series sucks when the movies are better than the books. For example, Breaking Dawn, amirite?
When bowling, you should bowl the ball straight down the middle. No hook, no spin, no fuss. Anything more and it becomes figure skating. amirite?

As the daughter of a bowler who tried to get her to be good at it, I'd have to say no.

There's not much more gratifying than seeing a chick who thinks she's super hot trip on her high heels.
There's not much more gratifying than seeing a chick who thinks she's super hot trip on her high heels.
@qwerty123 Heels are stupid impractical and pointless

I didn't bother to read the replies to this so sorry if this has been brought up, but many clothes are pointless and just for fashion purposes. That doesn't make them stupid.

This one bitch kept texting me with with these passive aggressive messages and she put a smiley at the end of every :) single :) one :)

You've had a crush on someone so out of your league that you actually got mad at yourself for liking the person because you knew you had no chance, amirite?

This older boy who was always very flirty with me, but he was like that with everyone, but stupid me managed to convince myself I was somehow special.

You wonder if people recognize your username on this site. amirite?

This post seems to have run its course, but anyone? Probably not, ha.

When you was little, you used to open up the fridge a teensy bit so you could see how it looked inside when it was dark, amirite?
@fuzala then I saw that the little tab that got pushed in

once I discovered that I would turn the light on and off over and over lol