It'd be cool if we could save certain things in a bottle like emotions (joy, anger) or sunshine. Amirite?

That would be so awesome. It would help a lot of people actually.

It's really frustrating when your parents say that you can ALWAYS talk to them about ANYTHING, but when you do they either get mad, judge you, or punish you.
@Witty_sob I tried to tell my parents a few years ago about how I think I might have depression because it runs in our family...

That really is sad. I recently told my parents about something that had been seriously bothering me for a long time, and I was so afraid that they would just brush it off as trivial or blow it out of proportion, but luckily they handled it very well. Good luck with whatever you are going through.

Government is/or soon will be outdated

It is impossible to have no government. Think of Lord of the Flies.

I don't understand the social concept of your "Sweet 16" or your "Golden Birthday" it's not any different, just another year.

Due to how it is portrayed on television, I always assumed that my sixteenth birthday would be this huge party bash and I would get a car and it would be great.

More like a small get together with close friends and saving enough money to buy a used car.

Do you still have a teddy bear?

I never had a bear, but I had lots of stuffed animals and a blanket that hang out in the back of my closet.

Does life really get better?

There will always be ups and downs.

The death of Trayvon Martin is not an American tragedy, amirite?
The death of Trayvon Martin is not an American tragedy, amirite?
@freespeechfreelancer You have presented lots of hypothetical questions - which is exactly what everyone who is mad is doing. Trials are...

Thank you. The trial was fair. I hate how people are sickened by this outcome, disgusted by 'racial intolerance', because the case was handled correctly.

Just because you suffered a hardship and made it out fine doesn't make it OK for you to criticize those who went through the same thing and came out worse off, amirite?

Is this related to Cory Monteith?

There's really nothing wrong with enjoying mainstream music, amirite?

I usually listen to classic rock or alternative, but do enjoy some rap and I love One Direction.

You know it's summer break when you have to set an alarm to wake up at noon, amirite?

I actually do this or I'll never get up.

Do you think it's okay to force feed someone who has an eating disorder?

I think other solutions would be better. Hopefully someone could talk them into eating and recovery.

Do you think it's okay for companies to manufacture products of such quality and desire that consumers are willing to kill and steal to get a hold of them?

We shouldn't have to change just for a few crazy shits.

Should people have the right to bear nukes?
Some girls just like to be sexy even if it is freezing cold outside, amirite
@heythereilikeurhair I'm Floridian too...60 IS freezing in these parts, son

My cousins always say that as they're from California, but sixty degrees was great where I used to live