Women were, and still are, oppressed like many races but we don't get scholarships just because we're women or holidays to celebrate how far we've come, amirite?
@Haha, now I wanna hear how you'd like to celebrate that!

like perhaps we could have cakes in the shapes of boobs and give cards that say congrautlations on your vagina and then we could give each other nail polish and hair straighteners

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Beleive it or not, some of us don't get scared when our toast pops up. We also hear a noise at night and don't think anything of it. And gasp we can stick our foot out from under the covers and not care about whether anything will eat it. Grow up, amirite?

Realize your audience. Your talking mostly to teenagers. Who are you to tell people to grow up? I'm sure you do things that some would consider childish. Getting a little nervous at a noise in the night doesn't make you immature, most of the time it's a natural instinct to feel nervous. Why do you care so much?

Just because some bands are mainstream doesn't mean they suck. And just because some bands aren't mainstream doesn't mean they're good. Amirite?

It's silly but often times I like it better when things aren't mainstream because I hate it when I read through comments and see retards, which is more common the larger the community.
1st world hipster problems.

It's a huge turn off when guys wear Abercrombie/Hollister/Aéropostale clothing, amirite?

I'm not shallow enough to care.

Its really funny how Ke$ha's Twitter name is keshasuxx, amirite?
Jason Mraz is one of the best musical artists of all time, amirite?

Idk man, Rebecca Black, Justin Bieber, my grandfather's bowel movements... competition is tough.

"I feel bad for the letter U; the letter Q is so clingy." Don't feel bad for U, he's in love! Amirite?
@Favvkes im quoting a post on the homepage

I could tell that it was a quote by the fact that there are quotation marks around it, but that doesn't make it valid... >_>

Nothin is mure anoying than wen sumone corects you're gramer or speling on amirite. Amirite?



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i dont see why people hate on MLIA, that site is soo funny. amirite?

I thought MLIAers hated Twilight.

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Don't correct me when I don't capitalize god. He's not a proper noun if I don't believe in him, amirite?

There's really no point in arguing here. Anyone thickheaded enough to follow that logic won't listen.

It's possible but highly unlikely that everyone has their own world. Like everyone in my life is in my world and in someone elses life everyone is in their world and different events are happening. It's hard to explain but it's possible to understand if you think about it. It's possible but highly unlikely, amirite?

........... INCEPTION!

How to get rid of a twelve-year-old on the Internet: tell them that if they delete System 32, they will meet the love of their life on the nearest Friday. Amirite?

I'm twelve, and I don't want to be like those annoying brats that always say " U GUYZ SUCK! I 'AM TOTS SUPER MATURE FOR MY AGE. U ARENET RESPETING ME." but, I do think we should be judged by maturity, not age.

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