Humans do the "Chicken Dance" without chickens knowing, and it's possible that chickens are doing the "Human Dance" without us knowing.. amirite?

Imagine walking into your chicken coop and your chickens are doing some weird dance

You never see child or old zombies in zombie movies, just like 40 yr old zombies. amirite?
@lakerz690 Why are you guys freaking out lord no need to call people dumb

Right!? I can only genuinely think of a couple child zombies and probably even fewer old ones. Walking Dead (as mentioned) has a couple of each, but the OPs statement is fairly accurate. You typically just see like 20-40 YOs

If you were the last human remaining, you could probably define the meaning of everything. amirite?
Strawberries don't taste as tasty as they look, amirite?

Dude, do you event strawberry?

When the film "1917" is on basic cable, it's going to be tough to find good times to cut to commercial. amirite?

They're just gonna need some hecking massive commercial break when he gets knocked out.

Fire needs air but you can also kill it by blowing on it. amirite?
Sugar consumption has skyrocketed in recent years but sugar packets are still the same size. amirite?
In 20 to 30 years there will be nursing homes filled with old guys listening to heavy metal, amirite?
@Jakubklementewicz My assistant who is close to 70 listens to AC/DC and black Sabbath. It still confuses me. "You're old, aren't you...

Black Sabbath came out in 1970 ,AC/DC was 1973 so they came when your assistant was respectfully 20 and 23. So he is listening to "old" music.

People who don't like the crust of bread just like their bread rare, amirite?

I believe you mean peeled

After two thousand years the man from Nazareth still has the most accurate depiction of human existence: we are selfish scumbags who can't control ourselves. amirite?
@JoshByer Why not? After all, you're just another dude.

At least I am not a fictional fairytale character.

Ugly people were chosen by nature not to reproduce. amirite?

Seen a lot of ugly people that reproduce

I'm really tired of living through the busy part of the history book, amirite?
Polygamy is bad but polyamory is cool. amirite?
@jodzdzownica It's outlawed because religion when you get to the heart of it. "Traditional views" don't do well with anything...

I mean unless you go back just a little bit further than the ones currently in vogue here. Polygamy and Abrahamic religions go together like oppression and Abrahamic religions.

It's way less awkward to back down in an argument than to push on a wrong opinion, amirite?

learned this from personal experience

Human life is impaired from years of mental masturbators hyper-reflecting our daily existence. amirite?