Having a management position sounds good for a sociopath: they could easily prioritize a company while not worrying about the well-being of their workers. amirite?

Most of them prioritize short term gains over long term growth.

if a camera lens is circle shouldn't pictures be circle not square, amirite?
The people that create children cartoons are the last person you'd leave a child with, amirite?
If trees grew buttholes, when the buttholes got too ripe they would probably prolapse. amirite?

I don't want to think about this

The way you knock on a door can set a mood before a conversation begins. amirite?

You can tell which end they want to bang by the banging on a door

True representation of fear is when you touch your pocket while walking along a street and you don't feel your phone. amirite?

I have, on a not insignificant number of times, spent time while on the phone, looking for said phone.

We've just assumed that Yoda spoke the way he did because of his species, but it's not impossible that he just had a weird speech impediment. amirite?

Possible, it is.

Funny how people will tell you not to judge a man by his past when it comes to a statue, but not extend the same courtesy to George Floyd. amirite?

The opposite can be said for some people as well

Come next summer money won't exist. But then it never did. amirite?

Do I wanna know what you meant?

Blinking makes a noise. amirite?
‘Reckon' is probably short for ‘recognize', amirite?
Unless you're fully naked, the laundry is never done. amirite?

Close your eyes family. Daddy has to put in the last load.

The people who appear to be the happiest are often the ones who are hurting the most inside, amirite?

Its a great mask

England being famously bad at sports that they invented is probably leftover resentment at the empires past power. amirite?

English league is the world football because of many foreign players

There is a tiny chance that you've had a cancer cell somewhere on your body, that was killed in a small injury like a papercut, saving your life without you knowing, amirite?

Only skin cancer and yeah so minutely possible that it's never happened