People should get special medals for handing out only Reese's and Butterfingers for Halloween, amirite?
It irks you when someone takes a food that's meant to be deliciously greasy and prepares it in such a way that rids it of any trace of grease, amirite?

like pizza.

You hate the live versions of songs.

ever been to a system of a down concert?

The world needs more smiles. What's making you smile today?

White chocolate and macadamia nut cookies

You have a hard time letting go, amirite?

this reminded me of the song "Simple And Clean".

You hate the live versions of songs.
@StickCaveman Loved your comment just for mentioning them. I've seen a lot of their shows on YouTube and have been DYING to go to...

awwcry smilie that's terrible. the system of a down concert i went to was actually my first ever concert, in august of last year at the Susquehanna Bank Center. they sound totally badass live.

YouTube video thumbnail

don't worry, you'll get to go to one someday. and trust me, when you do, it'll be one of the best experiences ever.

You did not know that more people have committed suicide after listening to the song Gloomy Sunday (written in 1933 in Hungary) than any other song in history. The song has been covered by dozens of artists over the years and continues to be performed today because of its hauntingly beautiful melody. Amirite?

what makes you think i would want to listen to a song with a caption like that?

Even if you think it's annoying and overplayed, you have to admit, the song "Somebody that I Used to Know" is really fun to sing along to, amirite?
People ask such accusational questions. "Where is my cat? Why did you steer a yacht into my house? Where did you get a yacht? How do you know how to pilot a yacht? Is that my cat? Why isn't he moving? Put the knife down? Please don't kill me?" It gets freaking annoying, amirite?

another POTD candidate i see.

there's no other feeling like walking to the parking lot and your car is the only one thats backed in #likeaboss, amirite?

Fail Hashtag:)

You wish real life were like pokemon, even if two people didn't like each other they still make babies, amirite?
Girls: Don't be insecure about the size of your breasts. Look on the bright side, at least people won't confuse them with mountains, amirite?

why do guys always have to be like this :(

People say don't judge a book by it's cover, but at first glance what else is there really to examine? amirite?

the back cover?

In Elementary school, Pixie Sticks were Crack cocaine, apple juice was wine cooler, chocolate milk was beer, and Rainbow Goldfish were poker chips, amirite?
@eldorito If u nwed this ur not a true 90s and usuck <3 <3 <3

you suck

what do you mean by "true 90s"?

Prince probably collaborated with the creators of Pokemon when they composed the Pokemon cries, amirite?