About me.

My name's Abby.

Here's some stuff you may (probably won't) wanna know:

1. New Jersey. I love it here.
2. I'm pretty tall but I think it works for me.
3. Uhm, soccer, swimming, softball, crew.
4. I like photography and I pretend that I'm alright at it.
5. I've got a best friend. Sonya. 12.19.09. She's the best friend I could ever ask for. And shit, she's beautiful. I'm jealous.
6. I'm a pretty lucky person. Things just seem to work out for me. Sometimes.
7. I no longer plan to get a tattoo when I turn 18.
8. I like reminders.
9. I get obsessed with things really easily.
10. I like memes. A lot.
11. My favorite number is 19.
12. I wear the number 12 in all my sports.
13. I'm pretty superstitious. I wish on 11:11 and knock on wood. And the number 13 kinda creeps me out.
14. I hate Christmas music. I don't care if it's Christmas. It's annoying.
15. I was born on July 22, 1994.
16. I used to be really effing obsessed with Slurpees.
17. Crabs and Holes forever. lolololzie cakes.
18. If you've never been sleep texted, then you're missing out.
19. lolzie cakes, uhmzie cakes, darnzie cakes, WOAHZIE CAKES.