Millennials may end up being the first generation in over a century to have suffered a recession when entering the job market and then suffer a recession when starting a family. amirite?
A Roman wouldn't understand why XL is a bigger size than L in clothing. amirite?

"They aren't numbers, it's an abbreviation"

"Oh, ok, that makes sense"

We've all been taught from a very young age to just accept that most dry-erase markers won't work. amirite?

Yep! And they still don't!

Sugar consumption has skyrocketed in recent years but sugar packets are still the same size. amirite?
@Sugar consumption has been declining for years. Probably due to fad diets since the government and manufacturers...

It depends on who you take to... The methodology for measuring sugar consumption has changed. If you run today's numbers using the methodology of 20-30 years ago it suggests that sugar consumption is staying level. But hey, at least that's not an increase.

The mouth has hair grow around it because it too can be a sexual organ. amirite?

So does my arm pit.

Finding a numb part of you're is pretty easy considering you can't feel it, amirite?

But I can feel everything

The ratio of infinite realities to this one reality simultaneously increase and decrease in probability. amirite?
@MrWesterfield If there are an infinite number of realities, the ratio is always zero. Any number divided by infinity is zero.

The chance that this reality is one of infinite realities is greater than zero. One divided by any number will be greater than zero. Zero is a finite number.

Infinity divided by one is still infinity. Infinity divided by infinity is zero.

If we destroy the moon the earth is going to spin faster making the day less than 24h, amirite?

You got any evil plans you feel like sharing with the group OP?

If we keep over fishing our seas, we'll eventually kill off whales. amirite?

... no if we don't take immediate action to reverse climate change they will die well before overfishing kills them off...

No matter what remake or second adaptation... whichever one has Bill Murray is the better one. amirite?

A ghost buster remake hater I see

Accidents in a story are not accidents. amirite?

Depends on if the story is from real life events

People will say "ignorance is no excuse" when ignorance is a totally valid excuse for not understanding something. amirite?

Not understanding something can lead to mistakes that as an adult you have to be held accountable for. Everyone could break any law and tell "i didn't know it was illegal" if the opposite were true

Gay and lesbian people die as virgins, amirite?

A dick doesn't need to go into the vagina to lose virgin.

Porn has probably prevented a lot of sexual assault, amirite?

Sex crimes did diminished in Holland when porn and prostitutes became open and legal businesses same with drugs, don't know how they are doing now though...

At some point in your life, you probably beat a world record of some kind. amirite?

Get specific enough, and every moment is a world record