Meat is murder, tasty, tasty murder, amirite?

Meat is murder, but murder is also murder.

Everyone has that "eating a hardshell taco" head tilt that is kind of unavoidable, amirite?

I legitimately just tried to picture myself eating a taco and actually tilted my head while imagining it..

Sumo wrestling would be really weird if the men weren't obese, amirite?

Then it would just be called wrestling...kinda exists.

You would be perfectly happy to die in your favorite place in the world, amirite?

I feel like if I died in DisneyWorld it might freak out some kids...

America should revert back to the old 3 party system because not everyone falls in line with either party platform, amirite?

There actually over 80 parties if minor parties are taken into account. You do not have to choose between democrats and republicans

New rule: if you're watching tv and have no idea what the fuck is going on, it's a car commercial, amirite?
It's fun to watch movies with bad acting and cheesy lines, especially when they try to act serious, amirite?

Oh you're right, watching Twilight IS hilarious!

Good angel food cake is like bread-flavored cotton candy, amirite?

I'd say it's more like cotton candy flavored bread.

Stupid people are just fucking with us to see how long they can keep it up, amirite?

In turn making us the stupid ones, and giving themselves total power...?

The NBA lockout has you wondering what you're going to watch in March, amirite?

March Madness is college basketball...not the NBA