freshies suck ass, amirite?

Ewwww, 11th graderss :p

9/10 of dentists need to make up their minds. Which toothpaste do they recommend? amirite?


1 Most Recommended by Dentist...

Don't we all want the Discovery Channel to be on a different channel every day? amirite?

How is this 8 votes & on the homepage?

You hate it when an MLIA post has something a child would do, and then they say they're like 17 ex. (i colored an entire coloring book while waiting in the doctors office, i am 17.) amirite?

I know!
It' so obvious they're trying to be funny or get attention.

Who would click No Way to this!!??

Statistically, 9/11 Americans will be offended by this message, amirite?

I can't stand when people take jokes too fucking serious.
I'm black and I hear all these nigger jokes, and I laugh. it's life get over over it, bitching isn't going to make em' stop and frankly, we don't care if you don't think it's funny. It's on the homepage so alot of others do.

Girls: Having big boobs sucks sometimes. In every bikini you feel like a pornstar, amirite?
I wasn't laughing at the joke, I was laughing at how stupid you must be to actually think it's funny, amirite?

Those are the best jokes though!!

Dear Noah, We could've sworn you said the ark wasn't leaving until 5. Sincerely, the Unicorns, amirite?

Way to copy and paste this.

If you come to a fork in the road, you need higher porn standards, amirite?

Someone explain to mee!!

You would be very annoyed if this whole website was in the font Comic Sans MS, amirite?

I'd probably stab my eyes out.

Or just not come here anymore.

It's kinda awkward when a very Christian friend asks you what church you go to or what religion you are if you DON'T HAVE ONE! amirite?

& when they ask if you believe in God.
I'm like "Uhmm sureee."

"I'm fat, ugly, and stupid!" "You're not stupid." amirite?

I likee thiss one :)

Statistically, 9/11 Americans will be offended by this message, amirite?
I LOVE how people can make jokes about The Holocaust, Hiroshima, and etc, but Americans, when someone says something about 9/11, it's like AWW HELL NO! amirite?
@Really? You've never watched Comedy Central? Or seen "The Hangover"? I'd bet 100 dollars you've heard jokes about...

Thank you!! :)
I'm 13 and I've heard and understood them, idk where they've been for like the past 20 years...