You are a brain controlling a skin mech, amirite?

That's a bit of an oversimplification.

When we nut, we feel a moment of bliss. Then the very next moment, we feel as if everything has been taken from us. amirite?
It will be brilliant if we get a Spiderman movie in which Uncle Ben doesn't die. amirite?
@KevlarYarmulke Why?

It's just so sad. He's the nicest character and never gets enough screentime.

Whatever happened to that aisle in the grocery stores with all the free candy in the bins. amirite?

Bulk bins?

Your favourite meal might be someone else's last meal, amirite?
@shai-e Ass.

your favourite meal?

Your favourite meal might be someone else's last meal, amirite?
being a cannibal makes you gay becuase you are eating some one else's sperm, amirite?
Animals are really good at being fuel. amirite?

Fossil fuel, eating, damn youre right

Eventually there will be so much plastic in our foods, a real life Barbie will be born. amirite?


Giraffes are the vegetarian version of cheetahs. And dolphins are the pacifist version of sharks. amirite?

Dolphins are predators so wouldn't the fish disagree?

The term "big boned" is used to described overweight people, but never tall people. amirite?

Or people who genuinely have large frames?

You are connected to many countries & thousands of people just from the road in front of your house. amirite?

I live in Australia

If light never existed, we would never know the reason for our eyes, amirite?

Very Jayden Smithian

If you're born in august your parents losed the NNN, amirite?
Never admit that you're an expert at anything. Tell everyone you're an amateur. That way when you fail nobody is disappointed and when you succeed everyone is impressed. amirite?
@Great way to be unemployed as a contractor

And get blue balls in the dating scene...