Nothing's wrong with screamo music. In fact, it's quite under-appreciated. Amirite?

I belive people think that pop/rap whatever is good as they have not give other music a fair chance such as screamo/rock
And your very right in what you said (scream for ice cream)

The Irish and Scottish are known for their drunkenness. When they get drunk, they go crazy, get into mad bar fights, attack random people, scream obscenities, and much more. And the men are worse, amirite?

I'm scottish and very few of us are like that in fact most of our drunkeness is spent telling people that we love them !

You get confused with < and > somtimes, amirite?

See where I get confused is because in music it means something different to maths :/

people who go on amirite need a name too-how come MLIA readers get to be MLIA'ers but we dont get to be anything =( amirite?

We are so awesome we cannot be named !

You can like harry potter and twilight,
Liking twilight does not make you a fan girl.
And some people read the books and then went to see the film and didn't even enjoy it, amirite?

You are so welcome it really needed to be said

Who’s your most favorite male fictional genius?

Nope, buts that's only because I'm british

Typical teen: "I like all music except country." Oh really, so you like classical, opera, polka, jazz, yodeling, death metal, and african tribe music I assume? amirite?

I qiute like death metal

some days it looks warmer than it actually is, amirite?

Welcome to scotland

Its super awkward having lunch with your manager, particulary when you don't talk
@VicZinc Well if your manager was waiting for you to start the conversation I would suspect an ulterior motive. Like (s)he...

no no nothing like that, just happened to have the same lunch time as they are given to us, just he never speaks to anyone and it makes it really weird when you make half assed small talk

Toast always falls butter side down and cats always fall on their feet. If u buttered the back of a cat which side would it land on? amirite?

Kinda wierd don't you think

Welcome to scotland we start back middle of august every year

You don't need to agree with me or like me but if you don't mind I would like you to at least respect me
@fuzala inb4 "respect is to be earned"...

(fuzala):very true, but start with respect for all and then go from there

People hate Justin way too much. I won't be surprised if they took a moment to think about who they hate the most, him or Hitler. amirite?

Hittler was a great man in his time,
Justin is not

You don't need to agree with me or like me but if you don't mind I would like you to at least respect me
@AtheisticMystic Not everyone or their opinion is worthy of respect, or even serious consideration.

again I know but everyone deserves a chance to be respected even if it is stupid or unworthy as I'm guessing they don't think that