It all took place to get rid of all the proof in the investigations of the people in high places. It was certainly an inside job, they stole all the gold under the buildings and got away with that 2.3 trillion they announced was missing just the day before.

Is fear the greatest threat to happiness?

Fear is the greatest threat, period.

It's all for show, they tell you to go overboard with excitement. Even on talk shows they hold up signs telling the audience to clap.

Anybody else think Sperry's are ugly shoes?

Too weird for me.

The Supreme Court says that gay marriage is now a right. So, is that the end of this controversy?

It's far from over. I could care less if gays marry, what I have a problem with is if they expect everyone to accept it. This thing with bakeries is pissing me off and so is the fact that they may expect churches to change their beliefs for them. If they do, then I hope all people walk away from them because that would prove they do as they are told by government and their beliefs do not matter.

Do you believe that women stay in an abusive relationship because they saw their mother stay in an abusive relationship?

No, I think it's how women are, they can fix anything!! Until they realize they can't. which hopefully isn't too late!

Do you stand with Israel?
@Jean Sweetie JEWS AND CHRISTIAND BOTH WORSHIP THE HOLY ONE OF ISRAEL. God stands for Israel and so do I.

Wrong, not all Christians are brainwashed. God would never stand for zionists, NEVER. Unless your god is the devil.

Do you stand with Israel?
@skowcog No he is not.

Exactly! But he is a zionist!!! The zionists took over America and Israel. They are pure evil.


Do you stand with Israel?

Well that beats you who sounds like the devil himself!

Do you stand with Israel?

What's with the sir? I am a woman!

Do you stand with Israel?
@skowcog I hate government it is a necessary evil which is why I like to keep it as small as possible. I have read and seen...

You do realize that Israhell are the ones training and militarizing our police FORCE, do you not? And they control all the mainstream mind control, Hollywood and our government. They actually had access to ALL our communications long before the NSA!! And they invented a way to make an innocent person look guilty to the courts by fixing the DNA.

Do you stand with Israel?
@Budwick Get it straight! I STILL can't see anything in the video.

What video? And why can't you see anything in it? LOL!

Do you stand with Israel?
@irish he admits to being a zionist.

I know that, that's why I was asking if he was Jewish, to prove a point.