About me.

Um...hi. I'm Demonic Creature. My real first name is Justina. Whatever you prefer calling me... I love animals and My Chemical Romance, which is why I'm really bummed that the band will be breaking up and listening to The Ghost of You. I have three dogs and two cats: the German shepherd/pit bull/some other breeds Schatze who has hip problems, Niki, our old registered Shetland sheepdog, Pluto, a registered Papillion puppy, a black cat named Oreo, and our newest pet, Lilac, a grayish-pink torbie kitten. With cream patches. And like food. But I can still look okay in a bikini. Not that I ever wear them (I don't count bikinis as real clothes, rather flimsy clothes-shaped objects) except for the one time I was forced to wear one when I forgot my own swimsuit. Knowing that I didn't look horridly ugly and gross still didn't stop me from playing self-consciously with the blubber that I have. I'm not afraid to say (or draw) what's on my mind. Which gets me in trouble at school. I'm that one quiet kid. Who goes a little mental at times. But I'm...I'm perfectly normal. At least, I'll go on believing that lie.