Because I'm a strong, independent black woman who don't need no man.

Let's play a game to find out about the most liked users on amirite. All you have to do is to list your top 3 favourite users in the comments and from that we'll be able to find out which users are truely the most appreciated of all, amirite?
Sure, guys like blondes, but they love brunettes, amirite?

We love the person, not the colour of their hair.

America isn't a free country if it has all these laws. It's just free-er than other countries. amirite?
You're all wrong; Justin Beiber isn't going to lose his career when he hits puberty; because all that's going to happen is he's going to get his period. amirite?
Volleyball is like sex, it hurts like hell at first, but after a while you get used to it and it starts to be a pleasant pain, amirite?
Penis goes in; baby comes out. Can't explain it, amirite?

Never a miscommunication.

Guys: You're overcome with a weird of pride when the guy in the porn you're watching has a smaller dick than you, amirite?

I just pictured you with a huge dick. It was a lovely sight.

What if some of the animals on Noahs Ark were homosexual, amirite?
@Luv2golf42897 And the sea monsters

i'm pretty sure sea monsters wouldn't be put in the ship see as they're, you know, SEA monsters.

You can usually tell a person's gender solely based on the way they type. amirite?

I have a penis. Guess my gender.

When you run out of catfood you feed your cat ham and Cheerios, amirite?

bro, if I wanted my own comeback I would've scraped it off your mother's face.

When you run out of catfood you feed your cat ham and Cheerios, amirite?
Even though Portal 2 is rated E10+ because the content is appropriate, no ten year old has the patience to complete a game that difficult without checking a guide every five seconds, amirite?
When you run out of catfood you feed your cat ham and Cheerios, amirite?
@i say youre butt hurt and your best comeback is to say im butthurt. interesting.

It wasn't a comeback, as neither of us insulted each other beforehand. It was a question, and by you answering in such a manner that accuses me of being butthurt obviously means you're hiding the fact that you are indeed, butthurt.

Writing birthday cards can be really awkward sometimes, amirite?

"Congratulations, you're now 1 year closer to death. Happy Birthday.

Sincerely, derp"