There's always that one awkward kid that reads during lunch instead of talking with the other children, amirite?

Dylan, LOL

Pockets are convenient, amirite?
It's okay that I'm 15 and have had sex with 2 of my teachers for extra credit in the past three years, and am now pregnant by my classmate's father, amirite?

keep some things to yourself


Golf is a boring sport for mostly un-athletic people who think swinging at a ball with a club is "good exercise'', amirite?
Percy Jackson>Twighlight, amirite?
For every awkward silence, a gay baby penguin is born, amirite?
It seems like every tv show nowadays has at least one character who gets pregnant, amirite?
If I eat Resses Puffs and don't have a truck full of money pull up to my house, I'm sueing them for a truck full of money, amirite?
Rock is dead. Now lets get on with our lives and listen to rap, amirite?

fuck you. rap probably got shot dead because its in the getto

You were so pissed when you found out about the Footloose remake, amirite?
@SuperFastJellyFish I haven't seen the original. And Alexei, you're back! :D

What the hell!!!! Dont say my name on the net!!! Just kidding. Parents just say that when theyre being to over protectective

People say sex and love are different. Sex is a part of love, and love is a part of life, amirite?
Addictive, deadly,harmful, controlling drugs like heroine, cocaine, and meth are not advertised on television, billboards or any other forms of media... why should alcohol? amirite?
Cartoon Network is running out of ideas for shows, amirite?

exactly. the only good show they have now is the regular show. but yes, fosters home for immaginary friends was a great show.

A boy with a guitar is always cute, amirite?


but true