To [verb] the [animal] - Congratulations, you've just created a metaphor about masturbating! amirite?

that one sounds extra kinky hello smilie

"So today, I went to-"

Talking about sex wouldn't be so awkward if children weren't lied to their entire lives beforehand, amirite?
@Favvkes that awkward moment when someone misspells awkward...

The awkward moment when everyone is being a dick to you lately for absolutely no reason.

Prison guards are always sad when a prisoner escapes because they were the one that got away. amirite?


How did donkey from Shrek get the dragon pregnant, amirite?

Well, you see, when a dragon and a donkey love each other VERY MUCH...

If you were to have twins, you would want them to have rhyming names-- Like Jake and Blake, or Purple and Waitfuck, amirite?

I laughed way harder than I should have.

A ghost could be humping you right now, and you would never know it, amirite?

Considering I just farted I don't think said ghost will be too interested in me anymore.

Even if the KKK bought Martin Luther King' house, and built a fucking monument to Hitler it's okay, because they have the fucking right. I would fucking disagree with it, and I would be pretty pissed about it, but I would never tell them that they have no right. Sometimes, the assholes win, shit happens, but that's what makes America great. The minority opinion should be protected. amirite?

Let me see if I can put this in a way that you'll understand...
"This fucking shit is so fucking true I mean yeah it's shit to think about but hey life's shitty sometimes."

You wonder if in the process to find the POTD, Anthony employs a bunch of little helpers that scour the depths of amirite to locate the perfect post, and when they find it if they get all excited and call their little helper friends saying, "Wilhelm! You won't believe it! I found a marvelous post about tits! And you know how Ant loves tits!" And when that post gets POTD they all celebrate and fireworks go off and shit. But more likely Ant just picks out the first post he sees at 11:59, amirite?

I really hope Anthony reads this.

you're not quite sure what to say when you're in the bathroom and someone knocks on the door. amirite?

A simple "occupied" is usually good, but sometimes I panic and say "uh..I'm in here."

You didn't know that the main characters in Spongebob represented the Seven Deadly Sins. Amirite?


We all know someone so dumb that they'd probably try to minimize a 12 variable function to a minimal sum of products expression using a Karnaugh map instead of a Quine-McCluskey Algorithm, amirite?

I was able to read "We all know someone so dumb that they'd probably try to minimize a..." and then my brain just stopped comprehending words.

it's weird to kiss with your eyes open, amirite?

I wouldn't know.

"Duck face" doesn't even look like a duck! It actually looks kinda cute and fun, amirite?

Forget this post, your whole profile is just one big, bad trolling fest.

The mentally challenged are the best people. They are honest and innocent. They love no matter what and would never try to hurt you. I cannot understand why people hate them. amirite?

You ever read Of Mice and Men? Lennie will fuck your shit UP.