Boi why do you have a vending machine in your house is the real question

The 50 kindest strains of pot on Earth. :)


HBA - Health & Beauty Aids

If money was no object I'd buy something to store my shit in that's not so tacky

I would like to make the kids pay for all their phone/game times in my house. I'd be rich or there would be more real face time with the kids. Whatever kind of vending machine that would have to be........

It wouldn't be a machine, it would be a dentist, doctor and a chef.

Hallucinogenics dispensary :)

Tuna, pasta, beans, cereal.

I don't like them at all, never eat them, just toss them in the trash.

Yuck. They are always black licorice, and I hate black licorice.

Like Piper2, I always gave them to my mom. And like DandyDon, I like Jelly Belly brand. Starburst makes good Jelly Beans.

If they get in the way.... I eat them.

These are good..

I never liked them, and always picked them out and gave them to my mom. I like red licorice and jelly beans, though.