About me.

My name is Draco Malfoy, i am a racist, i despise gingers and mudbloods i hate gryffindor house and my parents work for the man who killed Harrry Potters Parents. Yet he dosn't want to be my friend. mabye if i shake that Hermione Granger and Ron Weasly he will be my friend. That Hermione Granger. she is the uglyest girl in the whole school. if i had to rate her our of 10 (with 1 being the ugliest, and 10 being pretty) i'd give her an 8, mabye an 8.5, definatly, definatly no more than a 9.8 because there is always room for improvement.

i like drawing pictures and writing letters to my daddy. i drew a picture of Harry potter getting hit in the head with a quaffle, and me laughing in the background. (if you see it, pay attention to the shading on his sweater. its quite good its probably the best i've ever done.) and then he made me rip it! when my father hears about this he'll say "Draco, you god damn little poofart, why don't you stop your whining and learn to use the potty like a normal human" and then he will pull down my diaper and scurm me for the mess i left in it and spank my cheeks as red as cherries.and HArry potter, that famous bastard just laughed.well, i must say i didn't expect Harry Potter to understand. All respectatble wizards wear diapers, I mean, how do you expect me to use the potty, i could fall into that monstrosity.

you know, using the potty is not so bad. i don't know why i was afraid of it all those years. i think i was concerned about falling in, but i have found if i climb on top of the potty, and i put one foot on either side of the potty-hole rim get a firm footing i am accually quite safe. and yo know, using the potty is a great tim to socialise? you simply, look over to the stall next to you and have a right chat with your neighbour! "OH! hello there good sir!, firdt time using the potty too? good luck my man" and then simply squat adn do my buisness (in my diaper as usual) and then i undo the side latches, and let the diaper fall into the potty. Yes, Father will hear of this!

I'm going to be transfered to pigfarts next year. I don't think Harry Potter would last 5 minutes at pigfarts. it's on Mars. Famous potter dosn't even know about pigfarts, figures. Pigfarts is only the greatest wizardring school in the galaxy. and the teachers ore so much better Dumbledore is such an old coot, he's nothing like RUMBLEROAR he's a lion, who can talk. and professor McGonnagills, the flying fish. Potter can be so rude, he told me to get lost and go to pigfarts. You need a rocketship to et to pigfarts because its on mars. I bet potter has a rocketship You know, not all of us can afford to buy out NASA when our parents die. Look at him. Rocketship Potter, starkid Potter, moonshoes Potter. Traversing the galaxy for intergalatic travels to Pigfarts.

P.S. if you were wondering, the D stands for my wiener.