No matter how old we are, we love decorating and hunting for easter eggs, amirite?

I was just thinking this! I love hunting for and coloring Easter eggs. :)

When I forget which way is left, I make an L with each of my hands. But then I forget which way an L is supposed to face, amirite?

I do that all the time!!!

Getting older is a good thing. amirite?

Hopefully, we don't really have a choice. :)

Saying haha is overpowering lol, amirite?

It only conveys sarcasm sometimes. I usually write "haha" rather than "lol."

neal armstrong did not land on the moon... otherwise NASA would have done it again since, amirite?

In total twelve people have been on the moon in six different landings.

Your nose always itches at the wrong time, like when you are scrubbing your toilet, modeling clay, eating Doritos, etc. Amirite?

Or those are just the times you actually notice that your nose is itching because you can't scratch it.

neal armstrong did not land on the moon... otherwise NASA would have done it again since, amirite?
washing the dishes is disgusting, amirite?

I totally agree with you. We always let the dishes pile up at my house so that by the time we wash them it's really disgusting.

we all love that song that goes: NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA, amirite?

Na na na na na na na na hey hey hey goodbye...

Addition doesn't work when it comes to rating the attractiveness of two people. As in, two 4's don't make an 8, amirite?

I think you'd have to take the average.

It's a really good feeling when you find out that you are taller than your older sibling. amirite?

And it really sucks if you're the older sibling.

It sucks when a concert you've been looking forward to gets canceled, amirite?
@Are you talking about bamboozle in az???

Yes bamboozle, but I wanted to see the Concord show in CA. They changed it so they're only playing so cal now and I live way up north. :(

I place $20 into a box. So do you. There is now $40 in the box. I sell the box to you for $30. We both walk away with a $10 profit, amirite?

So I basically bought a $10 box from you...

I don't get the "hot cereal, cold cereal thing". to me, it's "cereal and oatmeal" amirite?

There is also cream of wheat.

Tap water just doesn't taste as good as bottled water. amirite?

It definitely depends on where you live. A lot of bottled water tastes disgusting.